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WA: Chickenpox case at Whitman College

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  • WA: Chickenpox case at Whitman College


    First chickenpox case on campus in “many years”

    Naia Willemsen, News Writer
    September 16, 2021

    Though chickenpox was once common in childhood, the disease has mostly pushed to the background thanks to herd immunity achieved either through vaccination or having contracted the disease as a child. However, a chickenpox case came to Whitman College on Aug. 27, 2021 when members of the campus community opened their inboxes to find an email from Chief Financial Officers and Chair of the Coronavirus Task Force Peter Harvey stating that a student on campus had contracted the disease.

    “The student [was] treated by doctors at Providence St. Mary Medical Center and… moved into isolation housing that is separate from our designated COVID-19 isolation housing,” Harvey said in the email.

    Cases of chickenpox are rare on college campuses, according to Health Center Director Claudia Ness...