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Experts warn of Chagas' disease in Costa Rica

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  • Experts warn of Chagas' disease in Costa Rica

    Experts warn of Chagas' disease in Costa Rica


    Experts from the National University?s Veterinary and Entomology schools issued a warning this week about the possible spread of Chagas? disease throughout Costa Rica.

    A recent investigation by researchers at the university found people infected with Chagas? disease, which is spread by kissing bugs, in the provinces of San Jos?, Alajuela, Heredia and Guanacaste.
    One of the hotspots for the disease is the community of Getseman? in Heredia. University investigators inspected 177 houses in Getseman? and found kissing bugs in 21 of them, representing 11 percent of the total. They also found insect nests in other 14 houses.

    Experts advise people who find the bug or suspect it might be breeding on their property to request assistance at the closest medical center, and if possible, take one specimen to confirm it is a Chagas? disease carrier.

    Experts from Costa Rica's National University found people infected with Chagas' disease in the communities of San José, Alajuela, Heredia and Guanacaste.
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    Chagas Disease has been and still is endemic in Costa Rica for a long time. Apparently the disease could be spreading to more regions?
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