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Is Curcumin the Answer to Future Chemotherapy Cocktail?

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  • Is Curcumin the Answer to Future Chemotherapy Cocktail?
    Kong WY, Ngai SC, Goh BH, Lee LH, Htar TT, Chuah LH. Is Curcumin the Answer to Future Chemotherapy Cocktail?. Molecules. 2021;26(14):4329. Published 2021 Jul 17. doi:10.3390/molecules26144329

    The rise in cancer cases in recent years is an alarming situation worldwide. Despite the tremendous research and invention of new cancer therapies, the clinical outcomes are not always reassuring. Cancer cells could develop several evasive mechanisms for their survivability and render therapeutic failure. The continuous use of conventional cancer therapies leads to chemoresistance, and a higher dose of treatment results in even greater toxicities among cancer patients. Therefore, the search for an alternative treatment modality is crucial to break this viscous cycle. This paper explores the suitability of curcumin combination treatment with other cancer therapies to curb cancer growth. We provide a critical insight to the mechanisms of action of curcumin, its role in combination therapy in various cancers, along with the molecular targets involved. Curcumin combination treatments were found to enhance anticancer effects, mediated by the multitargeting of several signalling pathways by curcumin and the co-administered cancer therapies. The preclinical and clinical evidence in curcumin combination therapy is critically analysed, and the future research direction of curcumin combination therapy is discussed.

    Keywords: cancer, curcumin, combination therapy, chemotherapy cocktail, signalling pathways, anticancer

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