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Did Covid-19 Put This Person?s Cancer Into Remission?

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  • Did Covid-19 Put This Person?s Cancer Into Remission?
    Feb 8, 2021,12:49pm EST
    Did Covid-19 Cure This Person?s Cancer?
    Victoria Forster Contributor Healthcare
    Cancer research scientist and childhood cancer survivor.

    For one person in the U.K., a bout of Covid-19 may have come with unexpected positives by sending his aggressive cancer into remission. A report published in the British Journal of Haematology documents how a 61 year old patient with Hodgkin lymphoma had his cancer go into remission after an infection with the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus.

    Shortly after the man was diagnosed with stage III lymphoma involving multiple tumors all over his body, he contracted Covid-19 and was admitted to hospital for 11 days. During that time his condition improved and he was eventually sent home to continue his recovery from Covid-19.

    Four months later, scans and tests revealed that the patient?s multiple tumors had mostly disappeared. During his time in hospital with Covid-19, he received no treatments such as steroids or other therapies that could theoretically explain his remission. He also received no treatments for the lymphoma, likely due to the severe burden of cancer at diagnosis and his general poor health involving kidney failure following a failed transplant several years previously...

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    Just a guess, but this may show the extensive disruption of the body's blood delivery system due to COVID-19. Tumors need a blood supply.

    Please see:

    FIOCRUZ Researchers Making The Case That COVID-19 Should Be Considered A `Thrombotic Viral Fever'


    • Emily
      Emily commented
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      The author refers to the case report below. No mention of clotting problems. He just got supportive care. Viruses have been used as cancer treatments -
      I've suspected that eradication of some viruses have had the tradeoff of making cancer more common.
      'We hypothesise that the SARS?CoV?2 infection triggered an anti?tumour immune response, as has been described with other infections in the context of high?grade non?Hodgkin lymphoma.1 The putative mechanisms of action include cross?reactivity of pathogen?specific T cells with tumour antigens and natural killer cell activation by inflammatory cytokines produced in response to infection. "
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