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Vietnam: Industrial pollution suspected in Cancer cluster

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  • Vietnam: Industrial pollution suspected in Cancer cluster

    Last update 09/05/2012 07:45:17 AM (GMT+7)

    Hundreds of people die of cancer in a village
    VietNamNet Bridge – Cancer has become a popular disease in Tu Lac village. “Hundreds of people have died of cancer so far in my village. Now the village is not called “Tu Lac” but called “Tu Tiet” (all dead),” a girl said.

    Some years ago, the public was stunned by the discovery about the “cancer commune” of Thach Son in Lam Thao district, located not far from the Lam Thao fertilizer plant. Nearly ten people die of cancer every year.

    However, a more terrible situation has been found in Minh Tan commune in Hai Duong province. Hundreds of people have died of cancer in the commune, while nearly 100 people have died because of the same disease in a village in the last 10 years.

    It was very sunny and hot in mid day. The Tu Lac field was completely deserted, while people stayed inside their homes with very tight shut windows. It was the time for enterprises to destroy mountains and exploit stones.
    Source: VTC
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