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Two people infected with Anthrax in Russia

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  • Two people infected with Anthrax in Russia

    15th March 2023, 21:13 GMT+11

    Two people have contracted the dangerous bacterial infection Anthrax in Russia's Republic of Chuvashia about 430 miles east of Moscow, it was announced on Wednesday.

    The republic's Governor Oleg Nikolaev relayed the news on Telegram that the patients have been hospitalized with confirmed diagnoses and are currently receiving the necessary treatment.

    Medics in charge describe the conditions of the two infected persons as "moderate," Nikolaev said, adding that their lives were out of danger.

    All persons who have had contact with the Anthrax patients have also been put under medical supervision and provided with preventive treatment, the governor also reported.

    ... The Chuvash Republic, with a population of 1.2 million ...The distance between its regional capital Cheboksary and Moscow is around 700 kilometers (around 435 miles).

    Both cases are reported in the Russian Republic of Chuvashia according to the governor Two people have contracted the dangerous bacterial

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    Google Translate:

    22:35 16.03.2023

    NIZHNY NOVGOROD, March 16 - RIA Novosti. Quarantine was introduced on the territory of the Chuvash village of Staroe Aktashevo, where two residents were infected with anthrax, the press service of the head of the republic reports.
    The corresponding decree was signed on Thursday evening by the head of Chuvashia, Oleg Nikolaev.

    "Establish restrictive measures (quarantine) for anthrax in the territory of the epizootic focus, the disadvantaged point and the threatened zone ... from March 16, 2023 until further notice. Determine the epizootic focus within the territory of the personal subsidiary plot located at the village of Staroe Aktashevo, street Zaprudnaya, house 18," the text of the decree reads.

    Nikolaev said on Wednesday that two residents of the Tsivilsky district of the republic, who contracted anthrax, were hospitalized and receive all the necessary treatment, nothing threatens their lives. He stressed that more than 130 people had contact with the sick, all of them are at home under the constant supervision of health workers.

    As previously told RIA Novosti in the office of the Rosselkhoznadzor in Chuvashia, those infected with anthrax were spouses from the village, who had 2 bulls and 7 sheep in their personal household. Rospotrebnadzor of Chuvashia, following the results of an epidemiological investigation, confirmed that contact with a butchered bull carcass became the cause of anthrax infection.

    Anthrax is an acute infectious disease of animals and humans, which is characterized by septicemia (a bacterial infection that affects the bloodstream), damage to the skin, intestines, lungs, and tonsils. The last case of anthrax infection in Russia was registered in June 2022 in the Stavropol Territory.

    В чувашской деревне ввели карантин из-за случаев заражения сибирской язвой

    Карантин введен на территории чувашской деревни Старое Акташево, где двое жителей заразились сибирской язвой, сообщает пресс-служба главы республики. РИА Новости, 16.03.2023


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      ‘Meat was taken for sale on the M7 highway after livestock slaughter’: anthrax can go outside Chuvashia

      09:00, 17.03.2023
      Vremya online newspaper

      ... As former Vice Director of the State Veterinary Office of Tatarstan, Director of Republican Veterinary Laboratory Ayrat Garayev told Realnoe Vremya, the possible source of the disease could go outside the region due to which control at checkpoints has been tightened and a real investigation is taking place on highways.

      ... “The situation is dangerous if all the products aren’t found: the meat, the fur and other waste. We hope only unvaccinated animals were infected and it is not a biological threat or a deliberate campaign.

      ... As for the possible import of infected products, here Garayev noted that the republic’s borders are strictly controlled, which implies tightened preventive measures.

      “We have special checkpoints even to bring products. For instance, the Malinovka checkpoint on the road from Chuvashia. Animal husbandry products are inspected by police workers and veterinarians together with Russia’s agriculture watchdog, inspectors of the Tatarstan State Veterinarian Service.

      On 15 March morning, Governor of Tatarstan’s neighbour Chuvashia Oleg Nikolayev said that two citizens were infected with anthrax on the territory of the region. Nowadays the highly dangerous, as a rule, animals are vulnerable to is a rare occurrence, but isolated cases are anyway registered in Russia approximately once a year. To reduce the threat of its spread, tens of measures are taken across


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        International Society for Infectious Diseases


        Published Date: 2023-03-16 17:14:48 CDT
        Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Anthrax - Russia (03): (CV) human, bovine source, feed susp, human vaccination
        Archive Number: 20230316.8708980

        Date: Thu 16 Mar 2023
        Source: TASS [in Russian, machine trans., edited]

        Rosselkhoznadzor announced the possible cause of the outbreak of anthrax in Chuvashia
        The probable cause of the outbreak of anthrax in Chuvashia was the illegal backyard slaughter of an illegally purchased animal. This is stated in the message from Rosselkhoznadzor [the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance].

        "During the investigation into the circumstances of the outbreak of anthrax in the Chuvash Republic, which is being conducted by the territorial department of the Rosselkhoznadzor together with the environmental prosecutor's office, the fact of illegal household slaughter in one of the private farms in the village of Staroye Aktashevo of a bull that is not registered with the veterinary service was established. According to the owner, the animal was purchased on the basis of an advertisement without veterinary accompanying documents. The bull was fed with grain of unknown origin," the report says.

        According to the Rosselkhoznadzor, vaccination against anthrax was not carried out. The slaughter of the animal was carried out on 3 Mar 2023 due to the deterioration of its health. Veterinary and sanitary pre-slaughter examination was not carried out. Infection of people occurred through cuts on the hands during the processing of the carcass.

        The department also noted that the resulting meat and skin were sold to unknown people. ...

        ... The Ministry of Health of Chuvashia plans to conclude a contract for the purchase of anthrax vaccine after the detection of cases of infection in the region.

        ProMED is the largest publicly-available surveillance system conducting global reporting of infectious diseases outbreaks. Subscribe today.


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          Machine translation

          Anthrax is spreading in Russia. What everyone needs to know

          Rospotrebnadzor has prepared a memo for the population

          March 23, 2023, 08:25

          On the evening of March 22 , a new case of hospitalization of a patient with suspected anthrax was reported from the Moscow region . The man arrived from Chuvashia, where two cases of infection had already been detected, more than 130 people who had contact with them are at home under constant supervision. Since anthrax is a dangerous infectious disease, Rospotrebnadzor has prepared a memo on how to identify infection in humans and animals and what to do to prevent the spread of infection.

          Anthrax in animals

          The source of anthrax for humans is sick farm animals: cattle, horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, deer, camels. In addition, animal products can be a source of infection.

          In horses and cattle, the disease is manifested by high fever, refusal of food, swelling of the neck and head. Outbreaks are tied to foci of infection in the soil, which gets there from sick animals, corpses, or as a result of the introduction of spores by rain or melt water.

          Anthrax in humans

          Rospotrebnadzor reports that infection with anthrax from person to person is not observed, but animals can be infected both by airborne droplets and through microtraumas on the skin when opening corpses, skinning and cutting carcasses, and when eating the meat of a sick animal for food without sufficient heat treatment.

          In humans, in 95% of cases, anthrax occurs in the skin form. The disease begins with a fever, ulcers form on the skin at the site of penetration of the microbe. Less commonly, the disease can occur in a pulmonary or intestinal form, in the first case, symptoms will be chest pain, shortness of breath, pneumonia, in the second - diarrhea, vomiting and flatulence.

          If symptoms appear, you should consult a doctor, laboratory tests are carried out for diagnosis. Anthrax can be successfully treated with antibiotics, but only in a hospital setting....

          Ask Congress to Investigate COVID Origins and Government Response to Pandemic.

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            Machine translation.


            Today, 01:01
            Russians explained how to recognize anthrax
            Infectious disease doctor Neronov: anthrax can occur in the skin or pulmonary form

            MOSCOW, 24 Mar — PRIME. Anthrax is a highly contagious disease that is transmitted to humans through contact with animals or the meat of sick animals. Her symptoms are easily recognizable and appear within two to three days after infection, Vladimir Neronov, an infectious disease specialist at JSC Medicina, told the Prime agency.

            “The source of infection is animals, cattle and people who are in direct contact with them. Also, anthrax spores can get into the soil from thawed cattle burial grounds with disposed of infected animals and become a source of infection for livestock grazing nearby,” Neronov explains.
            The disease develops rapidly. In 80-90 percent of cases, it occurs in the skin form - skin lesions develop in the form of specific ulcers. Less commonly, the disease can occur in a pulmonary or intestinal form. In this case, the pulmonary form can be transmitted from person to person and carried through the air with dust. At the beginning of the disease, a high level of intoxication of the body is observed, the infectious disease specialist said.

            When cases of anthrax are found, it is important to identify all those who have been in contact with a sick patient and quarantine them for at least two weeks, observing the dynamics of their condition, he adds.
            The disease is treated with antibiotics. The sooner treatment is started, the higher, according to the infectious disease specialist, the chance for a full recovery. Mortality is up to 10%, but if measures are not taken in time, it can reach 90%.
            According to the infectious disease specialist, the strain identified in Chuvashia is most likely "a local sporadic history that arose precisely in contact with cattle." At the moment the situation is under control. Active identification of contact persons has yielded results, the expert concludes.


            Ask Congress to Investigate COVID Origins and Government Response to Pandemic.

            i love myself. the quietest. simplest. most powerful. revolution ever. ---- nayyirah waheed

            "...there’s an obvious contest that’s happening between different sectors of the colonial ruling class in this country. And they would, if they could, lump us into their beef, their struggle." ---- Omali Yeshitela, African People’s Socialist Party

            (My posts are not intended as advice or professional assessments of any kind.)
            Never forget Excalibur.


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              Google Translate:

              11:36 23.03.2023(обновлено: 18:44 24.03.2023)

              In the suburbs told about patients with suspected anthrax
              Patients with suspected anthrax in the Moscow region did not reveal the disease

              MOSCOW, March 23 - RIA Novosti. Preliminary tests of two patients with suspected anthrax do not confirm the presence of the disease, the press service of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region reported.

              "A full range of medical studies was carried out, the necessary tests were taken and sent to the laboratory for diagnosis," the ministry said.

              Now the patients are in a medical organization subordinate to the regional Ministry of Health, their condition is assessed as satisfactory.

              The patients were taken to the hospital by an ambulance team in compliance with all epidemiological measures, now they have been placed in a "Melzer isolated box to exclude contacts." The situation is controlled by the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region and Rospotrebnadzor.

              В Подмосковье рассказали о пациентах с подозрением на сибирскую язву
              Предварительные анализы двух пациентов с подозрением на сибирскую язву не подтверждают наличие заболевания, сообщила пресс-служба министерства здравоохранение... РИА Новости, 24.03.2023