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Zimbabwe: Suspected Anthrax cases in Binga

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  • Zimbabwe: Suspected Anthrax cases in Binga


    Eating hippo meat backfires in Binga
    by Staff reporter
    8 hrs ago | 1754 Views

    The Ministry of Health and Child Care has recorded nine cases of suspected human anthrax from the individuals who ate meat from dead hippos at Mlibizi in Binga.

    The ministry has been carrying out investigations in Mlibizi from the 15th of this month and found that there are 58 villagers from Saba Village who ate meat from the dead hippos.

    The samples have been sent to the National Reference Laboratory in Harare for confirmation.

    An awareness programme has been held at Chief Saba Village with more than 400 villagers to sensitise them on the dangers of eating meat from animal carcases whose cause of death is unknown...

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    Death from hippo anthrax: Villagers feast on infected meat, 1 dies,11 under treatment
    Apr 21, 201712981

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    By Whinsley Masara

    One person has died while 11 others are being treated for suspected anthrax after consuming meat from hippos that died a fortnight ago in Binga’s Mlibizi area.
    “A man who showed signs and symptoms of anthrax admitted to have eaten hippo meat which he was given by a relative living in Saba ward. Anthrax infected hippos started dying as from March 27 and this man consumed the meat on April 12. He had ulcers on the mouth and face and complained of severe headaches. He visited the hospital a few days ago and died within seven days,” he said.

    “It is unfortunate that our health team focused on Saba ward villagers only hence this man from a neighbouring village was least suspected to have anthrax because they were not aware of the outbreak.”
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