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Department investigating death of 19 babies in the maternity hospital in LA (Brazil)

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  • Department investigating death of 19 babies in the maternity hospital in LA (Brazil)

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    Department investigating death of 19 babies in the maternity hospital in LA
    April 28, 2010 ? 8:38 a.m. updated at 14:20 ? Comments


    Odilon Rios
    Direct Maceio
    The State Health Department in Alagoas have opened an investigation to determine the cause of death of newborns in the public hospital Santa Monica, aimed at high-risk pregnant women in the state. According to information from the direction of the unit, 19 babies died in April. The initial information was nine deaths in a week, but the hospital decided to expand the investigation.
    Under direction, five had died as a cause of hospital infection. Three of them died last Sunday. The remaining cases, according to the maternity unit were due to infection early in pregnancy, or complications during pregnancy, without the direct responsibility of the hospital.

    According to the Union of Doctors, hospital infection, death of babies, lack of neonatologists and overcrowding are common problems in hospital. On Wednesday, technicians of the Sanitary visited the maternity ward at the request of the secretariat.

    "It's chaos. There are beds overflowing with babies, a disease transmitted to another, there is sufficient medical neonatologists. It's a disaster, is to close all the motherhood, that just does not happen because the killing will increase," said president of the Association of Physicians, Welington Galv?o. "There are doctors there who fight for higher wages, but to leave. Do not put up with hell. Only the Ministry of Health decides that," he said.

    For the director of motherhood, Sirlene Patriot, the death toll is within the medical parameters. He said the high death toll on Sunday, prompted the anticipation of the monthly report of deaths at the hospital. "The fact of not having sufficient and appropriate professional and working conditions, besides the practical difficulties, may have generated it," he said. She said the Santa Monica closed its doors last month because of the threat of the H1N1 virus, swine influenza. Two patients, hospitalized in the maternity ward, were suspected of infection.

    Under the direction of Santa Monica, six years is requested the extension of maternity leave, from 18 intensive care units (ICUs) to 26. The reform came in 2001 and in 2003, it was reported overcrowding.

    The superintendent of the State Health Department, Sandra Canuto said the average of dead babies in Santa Monica can be considered high: 30 per month. She said 80.1% of cases are due to infection, not the hospital, but during pregnancy. "They are mothers who are not early neonatal. Alagoas has the highest infant mortality rate in Brazil. These numbers are closely linked to prenatal care and terms of delivery assistance," he said.

    "Desperate situation"
    In 2007, the death of babies in Santa Monica has generated a request, the Justice, the District Attorney of the arrest of state and municipal secretaries of Health Problems remain, however. "Not even soap. The lack of gloves and other materials is already routine, and we talk more," said Galvao.

    "The situation of motherhood is desperate. The Santa Monica operates well above its capacity and we know what the professionals do all that is possible, but even so, the reality is complicated. We want a report on the functioning of the institution and know what is missing so that motherhood can provide a better service, "said the coordinator of the Monitoring Paulo Bezerra, announcing investments of $ 2 million for the expansion and reform of maternity, but that should only happen in the second half of 2010.

    "The resources are secured, but as the University Hospital is undergoing reform, the demand is coming to Santa Monica. There is no way to reform both at the same time," he said.
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