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USA: For the fourth time since February, a child has been shot with a gun in Washington state

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  • USA: For the fourth time since February, a child has been shot with a gun in Washington state
    Another child shooting reported in Washington, this time in Spokane, involving the ten year old daughter of a city police officer.
    The shooting happened on Easter Sunday but it was not revealed to news reporters until Tuesday.


    This is the fourth shooting of a child in Washington in the last seven weeks. Two have died. Two of those shootings have involved the children of police officers.

    Last month, a boy shot and killed his 7-year-old sister with a gun left in the family car. The girl was the daughter of a Marysville police officer. The sheriff in Snohomish County says an investigation continues and that the case should be forwarded to the county prosecutor's office in a week or two.

    A few days after that, on March 14, a 3-year-old boy shot and killed himself while playing with a gun left in a car while a family stopped for gas in Tacoma. The boy's mother and her boyfriend are being prosecuted.

    In February, an 8-year-old girl was wounded when a gun went off inside a backpack at an elementary school in Bremerton. That girl just recently left the hospital. Three people were charged in that case, including the girl's classmate who brought the gun to school...
    She's had several surgeries, has a bullet lodged near her spine, and still needs feeding tubes since getting out of the hospital:
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