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Egypt - Port Said, 75% of doctors and nurses refuse influenza vaccination.

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  • Twall
    Re: Egypt - Port Said, 75% of doctors and nurses refuse influenza vaccination.

    In Port Said ..
    Start vaccination campaigns chronic cases of swine flu vaccine
    Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 - 21:49

    Fears of a mutation of avian flu, swine
    Port Said - Mohamed Farag

    Dr. Mohsen Amin, Director General of the quarantine at Port Said for the seventh day that the Department of Health has already begun to open medical centers and quarantine to vaccinate patients with malignant tumors, kidney failure, hepatitis and blood vessels, and pregnant women, diabetics, HIV undernourished, and other older adults over the age of 65 years of age swine flu vaccine for the prevention of (the virus) HIV infection during the next few days.

    Informed sources said the Directorate of Health, most doctors and nurses persisted in refusing vaccination serum for fear of side effects.

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  • Egypt - Port Said, 75% of doctors and nurses refuse influenza vaccination.

    75% of doctors and nurses refuse to Port influenza vaccination
    Saturday, January 2nd, 2010 - 16:03

    Dr. Hatem the Minister of Health
    Said Mohamed Farag

    A source of preventive medicine in Port Said rejected 75% of doctors and nurses, government hospitals in Port vaccination serum of swine flu, fear of side effects, which may be caused in the long run, as complied with nearly 25% of physicians and nurses to vaccinate serum, and that has been asked to submit statements of tolerating dissenting full responsibility and not to raise issues at the ministry in case of exposure to infection from contact with the injured.

    Where he was scheduled vaccination of doctors and nursing staff and workers in health facilities in outpatient clinics, reception and isolation wards for people with swine flu by four committees of doctors, medical quarantine.

    The source of panic, fear and panic among doctors and nurses because of the rumors about the seriousness of vaccine side effects and symptoms, which helps to infect them, vaccinating 200 doctors and nurses of the total 970 vaccine doses, which reached a first installment.
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