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Egypt - Minister of Education, authorizing governors to close the schools during the mid - year exam due to h1n1 infections.

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  • Egypt - Minister of Education, authorizing governors to close the schools during the mid - year exam due to h1n1 infections.

    Asked to make quick decisions limiting the virus ..
    Jamal authorizing governors to close the schools during the exam
    Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009 - 14:44

    D. Yousry El Gamal, Minister of Education
    Books Hatem Salem

    D grant. Yousry El-Gamal, Minister of Education, the Conservative mandate to make decisions quickly to close schools and classes, which show swine flu infections during the half-year exams in a decentralized, after consulting the departments of Health, to determine the dates to be held in the second semester of the certificates for local After the end of the half-year leave directly for the ranks of transport, which apply to students absent from all examinations or number of them satisfactory excuses accepted.

    He said, during his field research New Valley governorate, accompanied by the governor, Major General Ahmed Mukhtar, the students who will be postponed exams will receive the actual grades of materials and not have the minimum grades will be calculated for the materials that they have carried out the examination before the issue of closure, while students get education Technical absent from years of practical test on the average degree of transport of this year exercises professional, said, "each student gets the right to a full flight of stairs as long as he is in satisfactory conditions acceptable to the ministry."

    And tried to strings, when he schools, New Valley, which is one of the four provinces of the disease does not appear, ensure the availability of own cleaners and readiness of classrooms and toilets, also questioned the commitment of school activities, student quotas, which sets 50% of the total students in the ranks of the "comprehensive evaluation "It is the first primary and even secondary and the second making use of the broadcasting curriculum, educational channels and via the Internet, stressing the importance not affect the conditions of the course of swine influenza lots of activities and also as one of the criteria to obtain a certificate to ensure the quality of education and educational accreditation.

    The concentration of the majority of students living with HIV in the Greater Cairo and Alexandria, and stressed that the rate of injuries in school reassuring so far, does not require stopping the study as a follow-up reports provided by the Ministry of Health every day, pointing out that the school is fully committed to the plan limits for the Supreme Council of Pre-University Education, which set January 23 date to start the next half-year exams and 4 February to end, with the exception of schools in Cairo, which begins the examination Jan. 17.