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Egypt,Menoufia,3 new cases of "influenza" in Menoufia

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  • Egypt,Menoufia,3 new cases of "influenza" in Menoufia

    3 new cases of "influenza" in Menoufia
    Thursday, December 10th, 2009 - 12:21

    Governor Monofiya Sami Amara
    Menoufia - Imam Majid

    Dr. Hisham Atta, Deputy Minister of Health Menoufia injury 3 proven cases of new cases of swine flu, and they are: Ahmed Ahmed Abed Rabbo (47 years) from the village center Jarwan Bagour, Yasmin Wael Ramadan (two years), of the manor Maritime Menof, and dreams of Jalal Mahjoub ( 24 years old) from the estate Moroccan Menouf.

    Three cases were isolated and given proper treatment and disinfection with chlorine homes and take samples for analysis of their parents .. Fever Hospital and detained two Menouf riddled incurring the disease, the first person named Abdul Halim Mr. Saqr (55 years) from the village Singerj Menouf and the second for a person named Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Al Sheikh, has been sampling them for analysis.