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Egypt,Sohag, 13 suspected case of influenza H1N1.

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  • Egypt,Sohag, 13 suspected case of influenza H1N1.

    13 suspected case of influenza in Sohag
    Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 - 13:58

    13 cases of suspected bird pigs in Sohag
    Sohag - Mahmoud acceptable

    Spotted regulators Sohag Directorate of Health the number of 13 cases of suspected bird pigs at the county level between the school and university students and parents houses.

    And held Sohag General Hospital today, Tuesday, and yesterday, Monday, the 13 different case on the impact of illness on suspicion of swine flu, including Teaching Assistant Faculty of Medicine, Sohag, and is worth mentioning that the total of the first recorded case of positive relationship between students last week.

    Cases were received after the onset of symptoms of high fever, bone pain and the weight of the chest and headache have been intermittently giving them their medicine Tamiflu within isolation rooms designated for that purpose, the taking of human samples, including preparation to be sent to labs central Cairo to determine the outcome.

    The statement of the cases as follows gift Hazem Abdel-Azim (29 years), Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine, Sohag, Mahmoud Omar Abdel Latif (26 years) worker and resident Pardis Belina, Muslim, and Ahmad Abdel-Hamid (15 years) students, and Ahmad Jamal Ahmad (16 years) students, Sarah and Mohammad Hussein (two years) child, and Ragab Abdel-Ghany Hamada (46 years), Kahveci, Ahmed Mohamed Bakhit (23 years) students and all residents of the second section of Sohag.

    Karima and Mr. Abdul Aziz (28 years), a housewife and resident status Tahta, Reza Abdul-Baqi Abd al-Ghani (22 years), the Center established a housewife, and fully fully Osman Mohamed (26 years) worker and resident Baklfaw Sohag, and praised Mr. Abdul Aziz (22 years ) housewife curated by Alasirat and Abdel-Rahman Ahmed El-Badry (9 years), student and resident section first.