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Egypt,Gharbia,One more positive class closed random samples taken.

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  • Egypt,Gharbia,One more positive class closed random samples taken.

    After the injury pupil swine flu ..
    Close the chapter at a primary school-Mahalla El -
    Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 - 14:17

    Confirmed to be infected first grade pupils Swine Flu - Picture archive
    Western India just

    Decided that the Directorate of Education Gharbia, close the chapter 1-5 School of Zubayr ibn al-Mahalla al-Kubra grassroots primary after making sure that injured a student first grade disease, swine flu.

    The remarks were made. Essam Osman, Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine Department of Health Gharbia, and stressed that the result of pupil samples Ziad Izz al-Din (6 years) school student Zubair bin Floater separate 1-5 tested positive status and illness of swine flu, Fever Hospital and held the camp, and given Tamiflu and put all in contact with him under constant medical observation and sampling of them and sent to the central laboratories of the Ministry of Health to show the extent of illness or not.

    On the other hand the Directorate of Health to take swabs from the students in the tower, who is the student, and a random sample of all students in the school to show the extent of transmission to them or not.