Why would the Assiut MoH test all students in a school for seasonal flu?

Suspicion of wounding five students of secondary b ?avian flu? in Assiut

Younis Darwish
published on: Wednesday, March 9, 2016 - 17:53 | Last Updated: Wednesday, March 9, 2016 - 17:53

Received Central Hospital Badari in Assiut 0.5 cases for the students of the School of Badari secondary common, while in a state of severe fatigue, and suspected of contracting seasonal flu, causing panic among the students of the school and the parents.

Received the Engineer Yasser ElDesoki, governor of Assiut, a notification from Dr. Ahmed Anwar, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, stating injuring a number of students Badari high School satisfactory condition weird, was transferred to Badari Hospital, and moved a medical team from the Department of Health, it shows the initial diagnosis of the cases he suspected case of bird flu, was transferred to al- Sadr hospital in the city of Assiut. Dr. Ahmed Anwar, Undersecretary of the Ministry ofHealth, had been conducting medical discoveries for students living with , and was transferred to the chest Hospital and took a sample of each student and sent to the central laboratories of the ministry, adding that their condition improved and left some of them from the hospital and Undersecretary of the Ministry ofHealth that a medical team from the Directorate pursuing cases infected daily with testing for all students in the school. for his part, Mohammed Abdul Rahman Zenati, director of educational Badari management, said the study of common high school regularly and there is no absence on the back of the students influenza and coughing disease , injuries, explaining that he had been notified of the Directorate of Education of the incident