News Egypt newspaper Shams Arabs now Dr. Amr Kandeel, head of preventive medicine at the Ministry of health, the present period is seeing the peak of seasonal influenza illness, ranging from half may till half September, noting that no mutation of the disease or epidemic outbreaks. Qandil said in a speech at the press conference held by the Ministry of health on Saturday to declare the position of seasonal flu in Egypt that has 3 types of influenza including h1n1 and h3n1 and B. He explained that the current season is the h1n1 virus, adding that 97% of injuries occur to the citizens is infected with h1n1 type, pointing out that the cases last year were type h3n1 and 2013 was widespread h1n1 type. Kandel confirmed that no increase in the cases, saying that the flu season begins from late October to April. He is currently a media campaign for vaccination against influenza, particularly for the most risky.