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Egypt - Aswan University Hospital refused H1N1pdm09 patient last Thursday - December 28, 2015

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  • Egypt - Aswan University Hospital refused H1N1pdm09 patient last Thursday - December 28, 2015

    Fevers Aswan" respond to the University Hospital refused to receive infected with swine flu
    Monday, December 28, 2015 - 0:41

    Fever Hospital in Aswan Aswan - Abdullah Salah Commented Dr. Nader Hussein, director of the fever hospital in Aswan, on the decision to refuse Aswan University Hospital to receive the infected cases of swine flu and Taany of shortness of breath, saying, "World Health Organization adopted in 2011 that the H1N1 virus Normal does not represent a risk of transmission." He explained Fever Hospital Director Aswan, in a special statement for "The Seventh Day", that fevers Aswan Hospital received last Thursday, the case, "Abdel Nabi Syed Ahmed" 45 years, worker, coming from fevers Draw Hospital, was dealing with the case according to the Ministry of Health instructions to take the necessary samples , and made ​​sure the injury situation virus h1n1, which does not represent the high seriousness of the situation according to the announcement by the World Health Organization in 2011, due to the emergence of vaccines for the virus. The viruses Aswan hospital director, it has been vaccinated case drug Tamiflu, but the oxygen ratio began carrying in the body injured yesterday, was dealing with the case, with sending a letter converted to Aswan University Hospital, in coordination with Dr. Samir Rifai, Assistant Minister of Health for Preventive room of the ministry. He admitted the Aswan Hospital Director, he said: "We were surprised that the officials Aswan University Hospital refused to receive the case today, arguing fears transmission, or the lack of places within the intensive care ", pointing out that the patient's condition began to improve after a relatively dealt with oxygen cylinders, and in the case of the patient's need for respirator, we will transfer the case to the nearest hospital outside the province of Aswan."

    علق الدكتور نادر حسين، مدير مستشفى الحميات بأسوان، على قرار رفض مستشفى أسوان الجامعى لاستقبال حالة مصابة بأنفلونزا الخنازير وتاعنى من ضيق فى التنفس قائلاً "منظمة الصحة العالمية أقرت فى 2011 بأن فيروس H1N1 عادى ولا يمثل خطورة فى نقل العدوى".