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Egypt - 15 Swimmers Test Positive for Swine Flu After Participating in Tournament with 4000 Swimmers - Tests Underway

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  • Egypt - 15 Swimmers Test Positive for Swine Flu After Participating in Tournament with 4000 Swimmers - Tests Underway

    15 of the injured youth team Zamalek b ?swine flu? after their participation in the Cairo Swimming Championships

    كتب بليغ أبوعايد ٢٣/ ٨/ ٢٠٠٩
    Wrote eloquently Korath 23 / 8 / 2009 <table style="border-collapse: collapse; text-align: left; direction: ltr;" align="right" border="0" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td align="center" valign="top">
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    أكدت التحاليل الطبية إصابة ١٥ سباحاً وسباحة من فريق نادى الزمالك للناشئين بـ?أنفلونزا الخنازير? عقب مشاركتهم فى بطولة القاهرة للسباحة، للمراحل العمرية من ١١ إلى ١٧ سنة، التى أجريت بحمامى سباحة النادى الأهلى بمدينة نصر والجزيرة خلال الفترة من ٢ إلى ٢٠ أغسطس الجارى بمشاركة ٤ آلاف لاعب.

    Tests medical wounding 15 swimmers and swim team Zamalek junior b ?swine flu? Following their participation in the Cairo tournament pool, the phases of age from 11 to 17 years old, conducted by erythema pool Ahly Club, Nasr City, Al-Jazeera during the period from 2 to 20 August with the participation of 4 thousand player.
    كان أولياء أمور السباحين فوجئوا بظهور أعراض المرض على أبنائهم، وتوجهت أم أحدهم بابنها، الأربعاء الماضى، إلى مستشفى حميات إمبابة، وجاءت التحاليل إيجابية، مما دفعها لإجراء اتصالات بباقى أولياء الأمور، وأسامة حسان، مدرب الفريق، الذى نصح الجميع بإجراء التحاليل اللازمة، وانتهت إلى تأكيد إيجابية ١٥ حالة بين الأولاد والبنات.

    The parents of the swimmers were surprised by the appearance of the symptoms of the disease on their children, and she went to her son one last Wednesday, to the Fever Hospital Imbaba, and was tested positive, prompting them to make contact with the rest of the parents, Osama Hassan, coach, who advised everyone to conduct the required analysis, and ended to confirm the 15 positive cases among boys and girls.
    من جانبه، قال أيمن عزت ?أحد أولياء الأمور? إنه فوجئ باتصال من بعض أولياء الأمور يخبره بظهور أعراض المرض على أبنائهم، فتوجه بابنه إلى مستشفى الحميات، خاصة أن درجة حرارته قد بدأت فى الارتفاع، فاكتشف وجود ١٥ حالة إيجابية فى فريق الزمالك فقط.

    For his part, "said Ayman Ezzat? one parent things ?that he was surprised a call from some parents tell him the appearance of symptoms on their children, so he headed his own son to the hospital diets, especially as the temperature began to rise, he discovered that there are 15 positive cases in the Zamalek team only.
    وقال شريف حمدى، أحد أولياء الأمور، إن ابنه أصيب بأنفلونزا الخنازير، وحمّل المسؤولية لكل المسؤولين عن الرياضة، واتهمهم بالإهمال الشديد وعدم وجود رقابة صحية على البطولة، وإجراء كشف دورى للاعبين قبل المشاركة، خاصة أن حمامات السباحة معروفة بأنها أكثر الأماكن اختلاطاً، ومن فيها عرضة للإصابة بالمرض.

    Sharif said Hamdi, one of the parents, said his son had swine flu, and blamed all those responsible for sport, and accused them of serious negligence and lack of hygiene control in the tournament, and a detection routine for the players prior to participating, especially as the swimming pools are known to most places, mixed, and the vulnerable to the disease.
    فيما أكدت إحدى العاملات بالتليفزيون - رفضت ذكر اسمها - أن ابنها أصيب بالمرض وكذلك شقيقته ?٨ سنوات? لمخالطته فى المنزل، وطالبت حاتم الجبلى، وزير الصحة، بالتدخل لإنقاذ الأولاد والبنات ضحايا الإهمال، خاصة أنها التقت بعض أولياء الأمور من ناديى الشمس والأهلى بالمستشفى، ظهرت أعراض المرض على أبنائهم.

    Confirmed with a female television - refused to give his name - that her son fell ill and his sister ?8 years? for mixing at home, and called Gabali, Minister of Health, to intervene to save the boys and girls who are victims of neglect, especially as it met with some parents of the two clubs and community hospital, the sun, symptoms of the disease on their children.
    علمت ?المصرى اليوم? أن مسؤولى نادى الزمالك قرروا اتخاذ إجراءات وقائية بإغلاق حمام السباحة، وأخذ عينات من جميع الفرق الرياضية.

    I learned ?Egyptian today? that Zamalek officials have decided to take preventive action to close the swimming pool, and taking samples from all sports teams.

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    Re: Egypt - 15 Swimmers Test Positive for Swine Flu After Participating in Tournament with 4000 Swimmers - Tests Underway

    Nasr City is a section of Cairo -

    Nasr City (Arabic: مدينة نصر‎) is a district of Cairo, Egypt. It is located to the east of the Cairo Governorate and mostly consists of condominiums. It was established in the 1960s as an extension to neighboring Heliopolis.
    It is the largest district in Cairo, occupying nearly 250 km&#178; of the capital's total area of 1,445 km&#178;. For this reason, it is divided into 10 sub-districts, which are simply numbered instead of named. It was also locally known for its well designed modern road system.
    Nasr City is famous for its numerous shopping malls (Genena Mall, Tiba Mall, City Center, Serag Mall and City Stars - the biggest mall in Egypt to date -). Among its major landmarks is the pyramid-like Unknown Soldier Memorial, which is opposite the grandstand at which President Sadat was assassinated. It is home to the new premises of Al-Azhar University, the Cairo International Conference Center, the Cairo International Stadium and several government buildings.
    CB&I Lummus operates its Egypt Office at the intersection of Makram Ebeid Street and Abdel Razzak Al Sanhoury Street in Nasr City


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      Re: Egypt - 15 Swimmers Test Positive for Swine Flu After Participating in Tournament with 4000 Swimmers - Tests Underway

      "...15 injured players in the club swimming team Zamalek of swine flu were being held in Fever Hospital Imbaba..."


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        Re: Egypt - 15 Swimmers Test Positive for Swine Flu After Participating in Tournament with 4000 Swimmers - Tests Underway

        Health: Expectations of a substantial increase of the injuries swine flu is no need now to close the clubs.

        The Ministry of Health Sunday detection procedures for suspected and proven team coming into contact with Zamalek junior pool, which confirmed the Ministry of Health Central wounding 13 of its members, including the swine flu coach, following their participation in the championship pool Cairo last week, swimming pools Ahly Club, Nasr City and the island. Dr Abdel Rahman Shahin, official spokesman of the Ministry of the team mingled with a large number of people up to 4200 people between contestants and parents on more than one club are currently being followed for the withdrawal of samples from each of these to make sure not to have the disease. It is expected the discovery of new cases in large numbers during the coming hours. He said he does not have at present no basis for the issuance of decisions to close the clubs, which have had injuries and that the decision to close the swimming pool of the authority of the ministry, but it is a special club. He added that the injuries twelve confirmed caused by one person and is not known yet whether this person has a clean hit inside or outside Egypt is, therefore, the lack at the moment to find out the truth. Maj. Gen. Sabry Siraj member of the board that the state of Zamalek Zamalek and swimmers who had been infected with swine influenza has become well and started recovering. He pointed out that the SE incidence has reached 16 cases, including 15 swimmers between the ages of 11 and 12 years in addition to the coach and in the aftermath of their participation in the championships of the Republic, which was held last week. On the other hand carried Engineer Yasser Idris swimming federation president communications Cairo area and the Ministry of Health to determine if the water is a means of transmission and to examine ways of cooperation between the Federation and the Ministry to ensure the prevention of the disease in the next championships combined. Almtdt official confirmed there was no need to panic Since the swine flu virus is weak and is cured by regular medication for the treatment of seasonal influenza. The Ministry of Health has announced the discovery of ten new cases of HIV, "UH-1 that 1" known swine flu, bringing the total cases were discovered in Egypt since the disease and so far 600 cases. Dr Abdel Rahman Shahin, spokesman of the Ministry of Health to the ten new cases, all of Egyptian nationality, including six cases associated with infectious cases have been discovered by non-linked and two cases of a positive precedent, and one from Lebanon and the situation of the tenth and last to come from Qatar, "in transit en route to Saudi Arabia. " He added that the total cases that were cured were 460 cases, and deaths and other cases, one in good health and in stable condition and are still receiving treatment in hospitals.