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Emergency Gharbiya fear bird flu could mutate to the swine flu

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  • Emergency Gharbiya fear bird flu could mutate to the swine flu

    after chan says be prepared for a 2nd and 3rd wave, I think he thinks it means a mix, also patients have already been confused so they are worried about that happening again

    Friday, August 21st, 2009 - 20:37
    Is still avian and swine out of control

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    After widespread fears among the people in the western province recently, fear the virus mutating from bird to bird flu, swine, especially as it was diagnosed a number of cases infected with swine influenza as bird flu, by mistake, living in Gharbiya directorates of health state of emergency and high alert to prevent mutation of the virus during the coming period.

    These fears have increased after warned WHO Director Margaret Chan, today, Friday, and a permanent shift mutation and invisible to swine flu virus, which represents a mechanism of survival of the world of microbes, emphasizing that we prepare for the second wave or even a third, as we have seen from past epidemics.

    In exclusive statements to the seventh day, "said Dr Issam Osman, Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine Department of Health Gharbia, there was no case of mutation of the virus of bird flu the swine flu Gharbiya so far, and after the detention of the Tanta Fever Hospital, 4 cases of suspected bird flu, but samples were the result of their illness positive swine flu.

    Were instituted immediately transferred from the Tanta Fever Hospital, where the places of detention cases of bird flu to the hospital Ribbons year, as places of isolation of cases infected with swine flu, to prevent confusion among patients and a mutation of the disease, in this case produces a new virus with new recipes and new features.

    "Said Dr Issam Osman, was taken into custody as suspected cases of bird flu, especially since they come from rural areas and emphasized that they come into contact with birds, and inquire Hikhaltoa said theywere not people coming from outside Saudi Arabia, for example, after performing the pilgrimage, were also sent samples to laboratories with the central Ministry of Health in Cairo, which analyzes the samples sent a full analysis of all viruses and not the virus suspected of infection only.

    And the seriousness of the mutation of the virus from birds to pigs, confirmed that the mortality rate of avian flu could reach 60% to 66% of the world and 34% in Egypt and the death rate of swine influenza virus and a half percent when the disease mutates into a pandemic, where the rate of death for more 60% even if it may control the disease death rate to 30 or 34%, which may lead to the deaths of more than 22 million people, to the extreme seriousness of the disease, which stems from that a new virus.

    The Directorate of Health Gharbiya take intensive measures to prevent such a mutation of the quick discovery of the disease, seizure and immediate removal of any suspected cases, any type of virus, either birds or pigs and also the speed of surveillance for patients and contact them.

    The director of the Preventive Medicine Department of Health Gharbia, it is taking samples and swabs from contact with suspects, even though it costs the state huge sums up where the cost per swab, about 400 pounds per capita, but the human effort needed for such analysis, stressing that any the case came from overseas, are taking full data and placed in contact with them and is under constant medical observation for 10 days to prevent the spread of infection.

    He stressed that he can not be emphasized that the drug "Tamiflu" can address if the virus mutates, it becomes a new virus do not know the characteristics, but the "Tamiflu" is enough to cure any influenza virus present time.

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    Re: Emergency Gharbiya fear bird flu could mutate to the swine flu

    Worrisome news from Egypt.
    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
    -Nelson Mandela