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"Health" is facing the integration of avian influenza with pigs

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  • "Health" is facing the integration of avian influenza with pigs

    Monday, August 17, 2009 - 14:46

    Ministry of Health started to follow all the precautionary measures to ensure that the possibility of integration of the avian influenza virus with swine, and together form a new virus may be more serious in terms of the various surveillance procedures porous land and sea and air for the detection of cases infected with swine flu coming from abroad.

    According to the statement of the Media on Monday on the status of the operating room information the Council of Ministers, the Ministry is the separation of hospitals that are treating bird flu patients from those patients treated by the swine flu, as well as the continued tracking of bird flu and not be neglected at the level of all the provinces of the Republic, In addition to increasing the awareness of the public through various means.

    The statement said that the discovery of new positive case of 14 infected with swine flu to all people of Egyptian nationality to a number of cases have been found as of last night of her 482 cases (including one deceased), according to the results of the examination Mouallimi and data of the Ministry of Health.

    Have included the new cases (one case coming from Saudi Arabia, and another case from the UAE, and 12 resident within the state of Egypt, has been the introduction of all cases of the hospital, and state of health of all stable.

    oh, ..I see they just started doin this

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    Re: "Health" is facing the integration of avian influenza with pigs

    <TABLE style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; DIRECTION: ltr" class=contentpaneopen><TBODY><TR><TD class=contentheading width="100%">The spread of swine flu ?internally? Achtlath and fears of the bird flu virus </TD><TD class=buttonheading width="100%" align=right> </TD><TD class=buttonheading width="100%" align=right> </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><TABLE style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; DIRECTION: ltr" class=contentpaneopen><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top colSpan=2>
    And ?Egypt Air? the value of the tickets are for pilgrims after the cancellation of travel based on a decision to the Council of Ministers

    Witnessed the spread of swine flu in Egypt, a serious development - on Saturday - after being found injured 14 people, 27 of the total new cases of the disease without being mixed with a positive precedent for the injured, bringing the total to 468,
    which put many of the concerns the start of the internal spread of infection among citizens Virus h1n1 strain of avian pigs after the infection is limited to persons coming from countries infected with the Ministry of Health to study a number of more stringent action to curb the spread of the disease and to prevent overcrowding and congestion of citizens during the month of Ramadan

    Whether the role of the Ramadan tent of worship or school or to coincide with the warnings on the swine flu virus mixing and birds together in the case of persons in the spread of the disease-endemic provinces of the avian flu, especially with the emergence of increasing injuries to both Port Said, Alexandria and Giza.

    In the same context, Dr. Musa Antar - Al-Azhar professor of medicine immune - that the incidence of non-infection associated with previous evidence of the beginning of the spread of the disease internally, adding that the danger lies in the presence of dozens of local non-injury he discovered a need for people to distance from rallies and mixing, adding to the possibility of disease and the mutation of bird flu Achtlath result endemic in Egypt.

    For his part, expressed Mr. Acanutorhamdi - Medical Association - on fears of a possible consensus for a viral flu and swine, which may be scientifically causing more problems to cope with the health of the disease, indicating that the presence of viruses, pigs and birds with the normal seasonal influenza imposes on the parties concerned to take necessary preventive actions to protect people living with or contact them.

    Global health authorities suspected cases in the German 4 players from the club Hanover swine flu, have announced the possibility of infection, Jan Rosenthal (23 years) after the Hanover player suspected infection fellow Steven Cherundolo (30 years) and Fenikoz (29 years) in addition to the earlier player ? Monchengladbach ?Michael Bradley (22 years).

    There Hanover Club of concern the transmission of infection to some of the players after two of the injured players on the likely course of their infection with the home team against Mexico in World Cup qualifying.

    Officials believe the club Hanover infection may be transferred to Michael Bradley, Steven Cherundolo of the U.S. team player Landon Donovan, who proved his illness last Thursday.

    On the other hand, held Kafr Al-Dawar General Hospital, a family of 4 members on suspicion of being infected with swine flu after the onset of symptoms which are similar to the symptoms of the disease, was detained in hospital fevers Damanhour 3 cases of suspected bird flu cases have been isolated and preventive hospital.

    The authorities started to Cairo International Airport in the early hours of the morning - Sunday - in the application of the decisions taken by the Council of Ministers should not be allowed to travel of pilgrims under the age of 25 years and over 65-year-old addition to the audit of health certificates for those who are allowed to travel and that are free of disease chronic.

    For his part, decided Shafiq Ahmed - Minister of Civil Aviation - On Saturday, tickets for travel reimbursement in full of pilgrims who would be the abolition of travel to Saudi Arabia after the cabinet decision, which was issued recently in the context of the prevention of swine flu.

    With the convening of Zuhair Garrana - Tourism Minister - a meeting yesterday with representatives of tourism companies room to discuss the resolution and the implications of new regulations announced by Dr. Nazif and identified the age group that are allowed to travel between 25 and 65 years.

    The company sources said it would ask the minister to ask the Foreign Minister, Ahmed Aboul Gheit to discuss with the Saudi authorities to put pressure on the hotels there are companies respond funds paid by the giving of the arrest of housing for pilgrims in order to get companies to refund the full pilgrims.



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      Re: &quot;Health&quot; is facing the integration of avian influenza with pigs

      What is the secret fear of specialists from the H1N1 virus mutated in the winter
      August 24, 2009 - 05:43 evening

      Dr. Said Shalaby Professor of Medicine and the National Center for liver research that eating a cup of lemon local honey, and foods that contain onion and garlic protects against virus A (H 1, that 1) known as swine flu, to contain natural antibiotics that could strengthen immunity the body.
      Chalabi, also warned Monday of the seriousness of the spread of swine influenza virus with a low temperature in autumn and winter, indicating that the virus Anhsara witness during the summer high temperature, which helped to combat the virus and limit its activity.

      He explained that the danger of cold weather lie in the possibility that the infection of avian influenza and influenza-dermal to pigs, which might lead to mixing of genes and mutations Verosathm a new strain is difficult to resist.

      He pointed out that pigs are the pot is a good mixing inside the genetic material of different viruses, and thus can produce new influenza virus containing genes of multi-source, adding that when the emergence of a new strain of swine influenza virus can spread rapidly among people, especially groups who do not have natural immunity or because of the inability of current treatment on anti-virus, pointing to the need in this case for several months to develop a new treatment to combat the virus.