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Egypt: Health lift the state of readiness to confront the "influenza"

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    Re: Egypt: Health lift the state of readiness to confront the "influenza"

    Egypt: Concerns the exchange of genes between normal and swine influenza

    Tuesday, June 23, 2009 - 14:47

    Dr. Muhammad warned Hasmudin Professor Almikropouljy Research Center Altanasliat and fungi, it is an exchange between Jenny and the swine flu virus, influenza virus, which is normal in between the Egyptians in the winter, which is the very serious attention it should from now, it is possible that the disease is transmitted from one person to another due to faster exchange.

    وطلب حسام الدين بتشكيل مجلس أعلى لمقاومة الأوبئة وأنفلونزا الخنازير، خاصة أننا مقبلون على مرض الطاعون والحمى القلاعية، وفى ظل التخوف من ظهور حالات كوليرا، وهو ما أرجعه حسام الدين إلى التلوث الشديد فى البيئة وانتشار القمامة والمخلفات العضوية بشكل كبير.

    Hasmudin requested the formation of a Supreme Council for the resistance and the swine flu epidemic, especially as we are heading to the disease and the plague of foot and mouth disease, under the fear of the emergence of cases of cholera, which is attributed Hasmudin to severe pollution in the environment and the proliferation of garbage and organic waste significantly.

    وأكد أستاذ الميكروبولجى أن المركز بدأ يرصد بعض الطحالب التى بدأت تنشط بشكل كبير، وهى المجموعة المسماة بـ"الخضراء الزرقاوية"، وهى موجودة فى الألبان التى يشربها الناس، وأنه لم يتم التوصل حتى الآن إلى خطورة هذه الطحالب.

    The professor began Almikropouljy to monitor the status of some algae, which began operating in large, a group of so-called "green Alzerquaouip", which is found in milk that people drink, and that he had not been reached so far to the seriousness of these algae.

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  • Egypt: Health lift the state of readiness to confront the "influenza"

    Egypt: Health lift the state of readiness to confront the "influenza"

    Caption: Health fears the virus could mutate

    Tuesday, June 23, 2009 - 15:08

    Ministry of Health has announced the lifting of the highest degree of readiness and the mobilization of all the possibilities at all levels and to take all precautionary measures and preventive, for the early detection of any other cases of influenza disease mutated each of the pigs and birds in all parts of the Republic.

    لافتة فى بيان لها الوضع المرضى والسريرى لجميع الحالات المصابة بالمرض التى وصل عددها إلى 40 حالة حتى الآن معظمها من القادمين إلى مصر من البلاد الموبوءة، لافته إلى أن هذا النوع من أنفلونزا الخنازير منتشرة فى جميع الفئات العمرية، كما تم شفاء "28" حالة حتى الآن، وباقى الحالات مازالت بالمستشفيات وحالتهم الصحية جيدة.

    A banner in a statement, and clinical status of patients of all cases of the disease, which reached up to 40 cases so far, mostly from coming to Egypt of the country affected, pointing to this type of swine flu spread in all age groups, have also been recovered, "28" until the situation Now, the rest of the cases are still in hospital and their health was good.