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Matruh Governorate # 14 (suspect sw)

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  • Matruh Governorate # 14 (suspect sw)

    Matruh Coordinates: 31?20′N 27?13′E (Arabic: مطروح ‎) is one of the governorates of Egypt. It is in the north-west of the country, bordering Libya. Its capital is Mersa Matruh.

    It contains many historical sites related to World War II, such as the El Alamein and cemeteries of the Axis and Allied armies.

    Mersa Matruh (Arabic مرسى مطروح [Marsā Maṭrūḥ]) (known in Ptolemaic and Byzantine times as Paraitonion (Παραιτόνιον) and in Roman times as Paraetonium) is a seaport in Egypt. It stands some 240 km (149 miles) west of Alexandria, along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, on the main highway from the Delta to the Libyan border. Another highway leads south from the town, headed for the Western Desert and the oases of Siwa and Bahariya.

    Marsa Matruh's main function nowadays is to serve as a getaway resort for Cairenes eager to flee the capital in the sweltering summer months. It is served by Marsa Matruh Airport.

    km2 212,112 population 322,341

    Translation: Arabic ? English
    أسرته هربت به من المستشفى فور علمهم بالتشخيص..
    طفل مرسى مطروح غير مصاب بأنفلونزا الخنازير
    الجمعة، 19 يونيو 2009 - 18:31

    د. حاتم الجبلى وزير الصحة - تصوير سامى وهيب
    مطروح - حسن مشالى

    فشلت الأجهزة المعنية بمطروح فى استعادة طفل ظهرت عليه أعراض الاشتباه فى إصابته بأنفلونزا الخنازير، بعد أن هربت به أسرته من المستشفى فور علمهم بالتشخيص.

    وكانت أسرة الطفل بلال م م، (عام و3 شهور) مقيمة بالغردقة وكانت موجودة بمطروح لقضاء المصيف، قد قامت بإدخال ابنها مستشفى الصدر بمطروح للعلاج، وعند قيام الطبيب بتوقيع الكشف عليه وجد أن الأعراض التى ظهرت عليه مشابهة لأعراض مرض أنفلونزا الخنازير، بعد علمه أن والده يخالط الأجانب من خلال عمله بالغردقة، فتم احتجازه لمدة يومين لحين ظهور نتيجة التحاليل من معامل وزارة الصحة.

    وعندما حاولت أسرة الطفل إخراجه بسبب انتهاء حجزهم بالمصيف ورغبتهم فى مغادرة مطروح، ورفضهم انتظار نتائج التحاليل، قامت بالهروب به من المستشفى، مما أحدث حالة من الارتباك داخل المستشفى، التى أبلغت شرطة النجدة وتم إبلاغ الجهات المسئولة ومكتب المحافظ، وباءت نتائج البحث عن الطفل وأسرته التى قامت بها أجهزة الأمن بالفشل بسبب مغادرة الأسرة محافظة مطروح.

    يأتى ذلك فى الوقت الذى صرح فيه مصدر أمنى، أن نتائج التحاليل أكدت عدم إصابة الطفل بمرض أنفلونزا الخنازير، إلا أن مصدر طبى مسئول نفى ذلك، وأكد أن نتائج التحاليل لم تصل بعد.

    His family fled the hospital upon learning of the diagnosis ..
    Marsa Matrouh, however, the child was infected with bird pigs
    Friday, June 19, 2009 - 18:31

    D. The woman and the Minister of Health - Photo Sami Wahib
    Is - good Mashaly

    Bmatarouh failed organs on the restoration of a child suspected of showing symptoms of swine flu, after having escaped from the hospital by his family, upon learning the diagnosis.

    The child's family Bilal mm (3-month and year) based in Hurghada and were to spend Bmatarouh Resort, has the introduction of her son's chest Bmatarouh hospital for treatment, and at the signing of the disclosure by the doctor found that the symptoms appeared similar to the symptoms of swine flu, after learning that the his father, who tend to do foreigners through the port of Hurghada, has been detained for two days pending the result of factor analysis and the Ministry of Health.

    When the child's family tried to get him out because of the end of detention Palmsif and their desire to leave the table, and refusing to wait for the results of the analysis, the escape from the hospital, which created a state of confusion within the hospital, which was reported to police for help to inform the authorities responsible and the governor's office, and have the results of the search for the child and his family by the security services because of failure to leave the province, the family raised.

    This comes at a time, said a security source, the test results confirmed that a child with swine flu, but that the source of a medical officer denied this and stressed that the results of the analysis has not yet arrived.