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Confirmed H1N1 in Alexandria

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  • Confirmed H1N1 in Alexandria

    Snips from various threads here.

    Abdel Rahman Shahine said Wednesday that the two new patients are Egyptians recently returned from the United States. He added that the two have been hospitalized in Cairo and Alexandria.
    Sahin said that one of the injured was in both cases, the city of Alexandria,
    The Ministry of Health: the incidence of disease, swine flu in the Cairo and Alexandria stable

    June 10, 2009


    He added that the second case, an Egyptian citizen, a resident of the United States of America, arrived on June 4, began suffering from the symptoms of influenza on June 8 this, and that he went to a doctor protections Alexandria Hospital, who Pthoulih to the hospital on suspicion of being infected with the virus have been confirmed as a result of tests sent to labs central Cairo and is in stable condition.

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    Re: Confirmed H1N1 in Alexandria

    Egypt: Swine Flu, the wife of the injured bird in Alexandria, he denies

    Thursday, June 11, 2009 - 12:01
    caption: Is absent from the diagnostic accuracy of cases of infected swine flu?

    Denied the wife of pigs infected with avian influenza is carried by the media of the injured husband, who returned from America, but that was the phenomenon of cold symptoms,
    so they decided to work for the analysis to check for Evajioa detained in hospital under the pretext of infected swine flu, and he ruled out the disease once and did not find any justification for his detention.

    ومن ناحية أخرى رفعت إدارة الحجر الصحى بمستشفى حميات الإسكندرية درجة التأهب القصوى مع ظهور أول حالة اشتباه بالإصابة بمرض أنفلونزا الخنازير على المواطن ماجد محمد محمد (45 سنة) إثر عودته من الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية بعد أن أفرجت عنه إدارة الحجر الصحى بمطار القاهرة أمس الأول، الثلاثاء.

    On the other hand, the management of the quarantine hospital fevers Alexandria maximum degree of preparedness with the emergence of the first suspected case of disease, swine flu citizen Mohammed Majed Mohammed (45 years) following his return from the United States after being released by the Department of quarantine at Cairo airport on Monday, Tuesday .

    صرح بذلك هشام الدخس مدير المستشفى والذى أشار إلى استقرار الحالة مع عمل الاحتياطات الأمنية اللازمة لمنع انتشار العدوى للآخرين ووضعه فى وحدة الفيروسات بقسم العلاج المميز فى ظل المتابعة المستمرة لحالته وتناوله لعقار التامفلو وبعض المضادات الحيوية مع مراعاة استخدام الماسكات الواقية ومنع الزيارة عنه نهائياً.

    This was stated by Hisham Aldechs director of the hospital, which referred to the stabilization of the situation with the work of the security precautions necessary to prevent the spread of the infection to others and put a virus in the Department of distinctive treatment under the follow-up of his condition and his treatment of drug Altamflo and some antibiotics, taking into account the use of protective and prevent Almascat visit him once and for all.


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      Re: Confirmed H1N1 in Alexandria

      Mohammed Majed Mohammed (45 years) following his return from the United States after being released by the Department of quarantine at Cairo airport on Monday, Tuesday .
      His onset of symptoms as reported in Post #1, were on June 8th.
      He did not arrive in Egypt until June 4.

      So, he must have been in quarantine from the 4th until the 8th. His symptoms began on June 8th. He must of had a fever on the 4th, or they would not have kept him in quarantine.