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Suspicion of infection Russian tourists in Sharm el-Sheikh swine flu

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  • Suspicion of infection Russian tourists in Sharm el-Sheikh swine flu

    Suspicion of infection Russian tourists in Sharm el-Sheikh swine flu

    5/1/2009 5:29:00 PM

    Sinai - Ashraf Sweilem - a doctor suspected of tourist hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh, a tourist named Alex Rossi Rfedv 48 years of swine flu.

    And one of ambulances ferried the tourists to Sharm el-Sheikh International Hospital, the center of a very confused panic, officials in southern Sinai, and a large group of medical disclosure by the rumors and were conducted medical tests and took blood samples from the tourists.

    According to medical reports that the Russian tourists free of disease, swine flu, but only suffers from the flu accompanied by the reluctance of ordinary cold.

    Russian tourists had arrived in Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport Sharm el-Sheikh last Friday, accompanied by his wife and children.

    Egyptian officials have been breathing a sigh of relief after making sure of the outcome of the medical reports of the Russian tourists.

    At the level of preparations for the prevention of this disease in the southern Sinai, the source of a medical official in southern Sinai, there was a preventive medical preparations for a large hospital and ambulance facility and there is a large availability of masks and respirators in sterile and sterile socks hand was the availability of large quantities of material and sterilization of medical drugs.

    The area of Taba, South Sinai region which is the most dangerous and vulnerable to HIV transmission from Israel to have a medical source confirmed that there are unusual medical preparations, medical teams are fully located within the port of Taba and land there are being held for the transient control of the Israelis.

    The source, however, did not stress the medical center of a serious and important subject of all Israeli tourists in transit to the port of Taba, an Egyptian medical examination.

    And preventive medical preparations on the ground north of Sinai, especially the common border crossings between Egypt and Israel, such as the crossing of Awja and Rafah and Kerem Shalom are very difficult to prevent the disease reaching the Egyptian side, despite the remarks in northern Sinai, the lifting of the emergency medical territory, especially when there are hundreds of Israelis in the drivers crossing Awja arrive commercial shipments at the Egyptian side to empty the truck's cargo of goods, as well as drivers to enter the Egyptian crossing of Awja, the Israeli side.

    The Kerem Shalom crossing, there are direct dealings between the Israeli and Egyptian officials, as well as the Rafah crossing, in the case of the disease access to the Gaza Strip and Vhtmip confirmed arrival to Egypt through the Rafah crossing with the arrival of many of the cases the difference other than humanitarian and foreign delegations, which expresses to and from the Gaza Strip.

    The newspaper "Haaretz" that the Israeli man and his wife, citing a hospital Friday to Tel Aviv after a suspected SARS Virus "and that HP and" also known as swine flu.

    She noted the Israeli newspaper - on its website - that was isolated-old man (34 years), and his wife (27 years), after recently returning from a trip to Mexico, has announced that the hospital in stable condition.

    The Israeli Ministry of Health had announced earlier Friday, two Israelis were injured in the suspected disease tests showed any non-infected diseases.

    At the same time, women are from Haifa 26-year-old is currently testing to see if they had been hit by the disease after contact with a person recently returning from Mexico.

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    Re: Suspicion of infection Russian tourists in Sharm el-Sheikh swine flu

    Following the increase in suspected cases in the provinces ..
    الصحة: لا إصابات بأنفلونزا الخنازير
    Health: No injuries swine flu

    السبت، 2 مايو 2009 - 14:10
    Saturday, May 2, 2009 - 14:10
    تأكيدات لوزارة الصحة بعدم وجود أى إصابات بأنفلونزا الخنازير
    Assurances of the Ministry of Health that there were no injuries swine flu
    كتبت أميرة عبد السلام
    Written by Amira Abdel-Salam
    <!-- AddThis Button BEGIN --><SCRIPT type=text/javascript>var addthis_pub="tonyawad";</SCRIPT><SCRIPT type=text/javascript src=""></SCRIPT> <!-- AddThis Button END -->
    أعلن الدكتور عبد الرحمن شاهين المتحدث الرسمى باسم وزارة الصحة، أنه لم تتأكد أى حالة إيجابية من أنفلونزا الخنازير حتى الآن ولا حتى أى حالات جديدة من أنفلونزا الطيور.
    Dr. Abdel Rahman Shahin, spokesman of the Ministry of Health, there have been no confirmed case of swine flu positive so far, not even any new cases of bird flu.

    لافتا إلى أن معظم حالات الاشتباه سواء من أنفلونزا الطيور أو الخنازير التى سجلت خلال الأسبوع الماضى ما هى إلا حالات سلبية سببها حالة الخوف الشديد التى سيطرت على المواطنين فى الفترة الأخيرة، مناشدا وسائل الإعلام بضرورة العمل على التوعية حتى لا يصاب المواطنين بالذعر.
    He pointed out that most suspected cases of avian influenza, whether or pigs, which were recorded during the last week is just the negative of the situation caused by extreme fear, which seized control of the citizens in the recent period, appealing to the media to raise awareness of the need to work so as not to get panicked citizens.

    جاء هذا بعد تسجيل العديد من المستشفيات بالمحافظات حالات اشتباه للمواطنين توجهوا إلى المستشفيات، مؤكدين إصابتهم بالمرض، ولكن التحاليل بمعامل المركزية المتخصصة أكدت أنها أعراض أنفلونزا عادية من المرحلة الأولى ناتجة عن التغيرات اليومية فى الجو.
    This came after the registration of many of the hospitals in governorates of suspicion of the citizens went to the hospital, confirming the disease, but the central factor analysis confirmed that it specialized ordinary flu symptoms from the first phase the result of daily changes in the atmosphere.

    وفى المقابل أكد عبد الرحمن شاهين أن توجه الناس إلى المستشفيات ظاهرة صحية فى حالة الاشتباه بأى أعراض، مناشدا المواطنين بضرورة التوجه إلى أقرب مستشفى عند الاشتباه فى أى أعراض.
    In contrast, Abdel-Rahman Shaheen, said that people went to hospitals in a healthy phenomenon in any case of suspected symptoms, calling upon the citizens need to go to the nearest hospital if any suspected symptoms.