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North Sinai Governor calls for emergency meeting to address the swine flu

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  • North Sinai Governor calls for emergency meeting to address the swine flu

    North Sinai Governor calls for emergency meeting to address the swine flu .. and a warning from a European semi-human disease

    5/2/2009 11:50:00 AM

    Sinai - Ashraf Sweilem - The Governor General Mohamed Shousha Sinai urgent call to all executive agencies and the province of North Sinai security, to hold an emergency meeting Saturday morning, the Office of the province to discuss ways to cope with disease, swine flu, "MENA 1 - The 1."

    Focused on the emergency call to set up committees of the Directorate of Health, agriculture and veterinary medicine and security agencies to cope with the disease and maintain secure borders from entering it.

    The lifting of the state of extreme emergency in all hospitals in northern Sinai and the committees to pass a medical on the preservation and strengthening of hospital drugs and respirators as sterile processing rooms are currently under way to isolate a hospital in Al fever hospitals and the strengthening of nursing and medical teams and medical teams, and prevention.

    The state of emergency was lifted in large medical hospitals in Rafah and Arish, fever and processing rooms of the Office of the province and city councils and the Department of Health and Veterinary Medicine to receive information from citizens in the event of the emergence of symptoms in any area of the county.

    Preparations are under way focused on the border area with Israel and the Gaza Strip and the inlet and outlets of Rafah and Kerem Shalom and the airport and the port of El Arish Arish maritime security and the emphasis in all traps and the observation of the movements of the security state of incoming foreigners and of the province.

    On the other hand, warned of a health of the European Union the possibility of human infection half of the virus that causes swine flu, which is still rampant in several countries.

    Nicole said Angus, head of the influenza in the European Center for Disease Control that the proportion of people who may be infected with swine flu in theory, if turning into a pandemic up to 50% of the population of the Earth relative to the outcome of epidemics in the last century.

    "Given that one third of people affected by the disease, but they do not become ill, the infection rate of up to 50%."

    He said that among those who fell ill did not exceed the proportion of needed to go into hospitals to 4%, indicating that among those who were wounded in the epidemic in 1957 and 1968 pandemic was the mortality rate "less than 0.2%, or two out of every thousand, which very low percentage. "

    In the case of Spanish flu pandemic in 1918, a pandemic, which was "absolutely extraordinary", the ratio was 2 to 3 percent, according to Nicole.

    Nicole refused to speculate on the extent of risk which could be up to the swine flu, but he declined compared to the epidemic, Spain.

    But he stressed that since the new swine flu "does not have any of us vulnerable in the face yet."

    He said that "many will be affected by the virus, but the third will not show symptoms."