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Egypt: Mountain denies common suspicion *‬student flu infection in pigs *‬Fayyoum

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  • Egypt: Mountain denies common suspicion *‬student flu infection in pigs *‬Fayyoum

    Mountain denies common suspicion *‬student flu infection in pigs *‬Fayyoum

    Sana Mustafa wrote *: ‬Dr. Hatem el-Gabali *‬Minister of Health once again free the country from the swine flu virus, even on *‬, *‬*‬denied reports on the suspected disease, swine flu is a student of the province of Fayoum, *‬confirmed that the frequency common in this regard is incorrect *‬*. ‬Dr Rahman Shahin *‬Spokesman of the Ministry of Health decided that the distribution of information bulletins, and cultural awareness of the citizens within the villages and hamlets *‬cooperation with the Ministry of Information and the Public Service to raise awareness not to be deceived by rumors that *‬caused concern and panic among *‬citizens within and outside the country, The *‬*‬spokesman would be announced immediately on the occurrence of any *‬suspected case or cases of swine flu, God forbid, *‬to take remedial and preventive measures among the injured and their families, the spokesman stressed it did not bear *‬concealment after the disease has become a global raises alarm among all *?‬ small village *? ‬Ali *‬*‬world level *

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    Re: Egypt: Mountain denies common suspicion *‬student flu infection in pigs *‬Fayyoum

    Cairo editor Masrawy - denied by Dr. Abdel Rahman Shahin, spokesman for the Ministry of Health of any suspected case of virus, swine flu / MENA 1 - The 1 / So far in Egypt .. "We are now in the fifth stage, which require a substantial amount of caution among citizens .

    Dr. Shaheen said in a statement late today, "Friday," There are a lot of rumors emerged Bjod injuries in the county of Helwan and other provinces such as Western Province and other plants .. stressing that the central Ministry of Health is working at full capacity and is the analysis of all samples suspected her injuries were the results of all negative.

    He pointed out that there are three things that must be followed and people are moving away from crowded places and traditions of a proper health and hygiene, especially hand washing with soap and water for normal Anhatsaad on the prevention of the disease and also to get rid of some habits, especially among people kissing.

    He explained that Hmaalveros transmitted through the respiratory system such as the transmission of the flu and the regular use of currently Ayosy him now .. he should avoid sneezing and a nasal tissues of the mouth and help to non-transmission of the disease.

    Source: Middle East News Agency