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Egypt - 195 cases of H1N1pdm09 flu, 24 deaths

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  • Egypt - 195 cases of H1N1pdm09 flu, 24 deaths

    DAKAHLIA, Egypt: A medical source in the Chest Hospital in Mansoura pointed out the rising numbers of H1N1 and H1N5 patients, having reached 16 cases with expectations of more.

    The source stated that there is shortage of awareness among citizens with regards to the best ways to avoid infection, and how to deal with it.

    The source denounced what he described as the policy of holding out on the information regarding the disease, which may lead to more infections.

    The hospital is experiencing a state of confusion due to the high number of infections, while the Ministry of Health is trying to control the issue, according to the source.

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    Re: 16 cases of H1N1 and H1N5 (?) in Egypt

    Probably all H1N1pdm09. The machine translator can use the phrase "birds and pigs flu" as a translation for swine or H1N1pdm09.

    machine translation

    Emergency Dakahlia to the high number of invalids avian and swine to 16
    Friday, January 17th, 2014 - 17:12
    Avian Flu
    Avian Flu
    Dakahlia _ Sharif and Osama Mr. Deeb
    A source Medical Hospital, Mansoura Chest to rising cases infected with the H1N1 virus known as bird flu and H1N5 known as swine flu to 16 cases of hospital-Sadr and that there is likely an increase of numbers to more than that. source pointed out that there was negligence significant in raising awareness and alarm situations and how to deal with it and the method of treatment which is weaker cope with the disease. bore the source of what he calls a policy of ambiguity on the injuries and numbers of responsibility which indicates the possible existence of other cases infected with the virus. mention that there is a state of confusion in the Directorate of Health in Dakahlia due to the high numbers of infected and trying to "health" to take action to control the disease, but to no avail Vtm declare a state of emergency.


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      Re: Egypt - 16 cases of H1N1pdm09 and/or H1N5 (?) flu - Dakahlia

      WHO: 13 cases of seasonal flu have died, including three in Mansoura

      Sunday, January 19th, 2014 - 12:29:39 PM

      Dr. Nasr Tantawi,, adviser to the World Health Organization (infectious diseases, It has been recorded 13 cases of H1n1 flu 'seasonal flu' Dakahlia, Specifically, Mansoura City, 3 of them died of cases, including the case of a woman who is pregnant. He said during the conference, convened by Dr. Maha Rabat, Minister of Health and Population, To review the harvest of the Ministry on Sunday. The proportion of HIV infection have been on the rise during the winter season, where he virus seasonal, witness a rise in some seasons, it afflicts about 3 million people annually, He pointed out that the Ministry of Health, will study the reasons for the increase in cases. Preventive measures to reduce the infection.

      For its part, said Dr. Maha Rabat, Minister of Health and Population, that the ministry will be issued during the next period Daily Bulletin for the disease in Egypt. calling on citizens to take preventive action without panic, Where it is a disease is present in all parts of the world and treatment available.
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        Re: Egypt - 4 doctors hospitalized including 3 dead from unknown/pneumonia/respiratory illnesses in last 3 weeks - Dakahlia and Qalyubia govenorates - January 18, 2014

        3 deaths and 10 injuries in hospital new flu Mansoura .. Daily Bulletin and the evolution of cases increased after
        Hossam Zayed

        19-1-2014 | 12:22

        File photo - flu vaccine
        Dr Nasreddin Tantawi adviser WHO infectious diseases that there are 3 cases died among the 13 cases were infected with new flu h1n1, pointing out that there is an increase in injuries beginning of January, and it was starting to conduct a study to determine the cause of this increase, and that there are procedures that will be announced to reduce infection.

        This came during a conference of the Ministry of Health to declare procedures ministry after Constitution Day. He explained that the virus has become Tantawi seasonally, and increases in the winter season which is prevalent in America, Canada, Egypt and Jordan.

        He infects more owners of chronic diseases such as respiratory and immune pregnant women and children under two years and older.
        For its part, advised Dr. Maha Rabat and Secretary of Health and Population, the citizens not to exaggerate in relation to the disease, and that he will be issued a daily bulletin on the incidence of new developments and how to deal with it.

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          Re: Egypt - 16 cases of H1N1pdm09 and/or H1N5 (?) flu - Dakahlia

          Sudden delegation of 'World health Organization' at Sadr Hospital in Mansoura

          A delegation from the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health to visit sudden Sadr hospital in Al Mansoura to inspect The case of the hospital, truth about the increasing numbers of patients with seasonal flu H1n1 Previously, which has been known as swine flu. The delegation visited sections of isolation and receiving intensive care and got the smear samples from the patients. The Al-Sadr hospital received nearly 40 suspected case of the disease, while medical sources confirmed that The hospital holds 17 of the results of analyzes samples central labs of the Ministry of Health, It is infected with seasonal flu H1n1, as well as the deaths of three previous cases of the same disease. For his part, Dr. Majdi Hijazi, the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Dakahlia 16 the case went out of the hospital last Sunday after improving from the disease. Explaining that the delegation of the Ministry of Health to visit routine Sadr hospital and a number of hospitals in the province. He pointed out that the rate of infection with seasonal flu natural in such a time of the year.


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            Re: Egypt - 16 cases of H1N1pdm09 and/or H1N5 (?) flu - Dakahlia - January 17+

            Dr. Amr Qandil, the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Health for Preventive Medicine, The analyzes that were performed on patients pulmonary inflammations, Mansoura University hospitals, Suspected infection seasonal flu, 17 proved the existence of seasonal flu (H1n1), which had known in advance pigs flu, Confirming that the analyzes made in response to those cases of medicines, specifically, 'Tamiflu drug', which indicates that there is no mutation of the virus. He added that he had been examined 52 patients infections pulmonary hospitals, Mansoura, Where tests showed 21 injured patients flu viruses, 17 of them seasonal flu, 3 cases of them died due to complications.



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              Re: Egypt - 16 cases of H1N1pdm09 and/or H1N5 (?) flu - Dakahlia - January 17+

              Dakahlia doctors ' caution ' members of the spread of swine flu infection

              Dakahlia: Rami guru-End Muslim Code--warned doctors syndicate in dakahlia governorate doctors spread a viral infection of the H1N1 virus, known as swine flu, especially after some cases infection is confirmed with the virus. and called upon the Union-the-doctors take all measures against the infection and caution in handling suspected cases. physicians health department called in dakahlia and all governorates of the Republic and all health departments, hospitals and health authorities take all safety procedures and infection control and providing the tools necessary to preserve the life and health of doctors and protect Egyptian society all The spread of the epidemic.



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                Re: Egypt - 16 cases of H1N1pdm09 and/or H1N5 (?) flu - Dakahlia - January 17+

                People gathered to demand Dakahlia vaccination against swine flu

                The Department of Health started Dakahlia in distribution of vaccines against bird flu virus swine flu) Seasonal H1n1) to hospital doctors health units after the spread of the virus, outbreak between doctors Dakahlia and sick. While patients and citizens gathered to demand by giving them vaccines virus after the spread of panic among the citizens. A number of vaccines were distributed to hospitals in Mansoura University after it asked the health vaccine to vaccinate 300 Her doctors for fear of the spread of the disease.

                in gathering a number of patients and citizens inside hospitals Health call for providing the vaccine to them so that they ليحصنوا vaccination of the virus, especially after the spread of panic and terror among the sons of Dakahlia from the spread of the virus. The swine flu virus has led to the death of about 10 Dakahlia, including 3 doctors and 5 children.

                In Doctors Syndicate Dakahlia issued a statement on its website official warns against which all doctors spread swine flu, the statement) Warns Doctors Syndicate Dakahlia all doctors in Dakahlia In the Arab Republic of Egypt from the spread of viral infection H1n1 virus, known as swine flu. especially after what has been confirmed infection of some cases infected with HIV, and calls upon the Union doctors take all measures Full infection control and caution in dealing with suspected cases).



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                  Re: Egypt - 16 cases of H1N1pdm09 flu, 10 deaths - Dakahlia - January 17+

                  WHO: 14 cases die of swine flu in January in Cairo

                  Nasr Tantawi, World Health Organization therapeutic medicine adviser to Cairo, said cases of ‘swine flu’ H1N1 infection reached 45 cases on 1 January. Fourteen cases, including four doctors, died of the virus.

                  Tantawi called for combating the infection at hospitals and separating all infected cases. A total of 107 cases were suspected of being infected last month.

                  Analyses proved 45 cases were positive, while the rest of the results have not came up yet. The organization, according to him, conducted the analyses at reference laboratories in a US research unit to guarantee the results' integrity.

                  Tantawi said he met with Health Minister Maha Rabat and other ministry officials to draw up a plan to limit infection across the country.



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                    Re: Egypt - 45 cases of H1N1pdm09 flu, 14 deaths - Dakahlia - January 17+

                    10:14, 03 February 2014 Monday

                    Egypt confirms swine flu outbreak, 15 deaths

                    World Bulletin / News Desk

                    Egypt's Health Ministry has confirmed that at least 15 people have died after contracting H1N1 virus this winter.
                    "At least 168 H1N1 positive cases have been reported during the winter season, including 15 people who had died after being late in seeking treatment," spokesman Ahmed Kamel told Anadolu Agency.
                    He, however, did not give details on when or where the fatalities had occurred.
                    Kamel said no deaths had been reported among doctors, dismissing reports that doctors had died after contracting the virus from patients.
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                      Re: Egypt - 45 cases of H1N1pdm09 flu, 14 deaths - Dakahlia - January 17+

                      Minister of Health

                      , Dr. Maha Rabat, Minister of Health and Population, The death of 16 cases of seasonal flu (H1n1 ', formerly known as swine flu. A sign that he is not among the dead doctors.

                      She confirmed that the cases were only between doctors, First belonging to Dr. Nagla Fathi from Qalyubiyah Governorate, have been completely cured and returned to her home. Second, Dr. Ahmed الشوادفى of Timor, The palace is still receives treatment in a hospital in kind and his condition is stable.

                      It added that he was also diagnose 172 case Infected with seasonal flu H1n1 during the winter season since December first until now. The Dr. Maha Rabat, Minister of Health and Population, had followed the implementation of the ministry's plan with regard to the To get ready to be preventive and remedial action and application of recommendations of national committee for combating influenza in diagnosis and treat cases of flu and pneumonia .. During a meeting with representatives of national committee secretary To combat flu health directorates and all managers and heads of concerned sectors of the Ministry yesterday. Health Minister stressed during the meeting to provide all of the requirements are preventive units in hospitals, The emphasis on all workers using non-negligence in the protection of workers in the health sector As well as the patients, as the Minister of Health by providing all the medicines and head of Tamiflu in all The ministry's hospitals or university, for the application of treatment protocols recommended by the The Committee.

                      On the other hand, the minister to start vaccinating the children fruity flu bacterial, After that has been incorporated into the five-year vaccine in vaccinations الروتينيه children in the Republic of Egypt Includes Arab diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, hepatitis B, influenza bacteria. For his part, Dr. Amr Qandil, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Health for Preventive Medicine, there is no changes In the seasonal flu virus H1n1 in Egypt, and that it was still in regular border والامنه, there is Strict system للترصد all hospitals in Egypt.

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                        Re: Egypt - 45 cases of H1N1pdm09 flu, 16 deaths - Dakahlia - January 17+

                        195 cases of flu H1N1 24 died in this season

                        The head of the preventive medicine Dr. Amr Qandil, The number of people infected with H1n1 flu this season, which started from the month of October. and lasts until February, reached 195 patients, of whom 24 died.

                        Dr. Amr, To that, inter from the disease were doctors and subjected to serious complications were two, one in Qalyubiyah Governorate have been healing once and for all and the status of Eastern palace and was detained in a hospital in kind and his condition has improved significantly.

                        He explained that the doctors who died were a doctor Qalyubiyah Governorate Dr. Ahmed Abdul Latif died Mircea Virus Resistant antibiotics and other in Dakahlia and died because of bacteria infection ايكولاى, in Dakahlia doctor died in the last week of pregnancy because of being a pulmonary embolism. Another doctor in Qalyubiyah governorate was suffering from seepage pits in the myocardium.