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Egypt - New Case H5N1 Monofia Province - #98

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  • Egypt - New Case H5N1 Monofia Province - #98

    Wikipedia calls it Monufia Governorate.

    محافظة = Province

    محافظة المنوفية = Monofia

    Health announces deaths were the "pigs" and the injury of the "flu"
    Thursday, February 11th, 2010 - 23:03

    The Ministry of Health reported two new deaths with HIV "er HP 1 The 1" world-renowned swine flu, bringing the number of deaths in Egypt since the emergence of the disease and so far 267 deaths.

    The ministry of health, said in a statement today that the case No. 266 of a woman from the province of Dakahlia, 22 years old, and case No. 267 of a girl at the age of 10 months of Beni Suef.

    As announced by the Ministry of Health has announced new cases of bird flu, to reach human cases to 98 cases.

    A statement by the Ministry of Health that the incidence of the new man in Al-Echmoun at the age of 32 years, was admitted to hospital and given Tamiflu .. He pointed out that his injury was the result of mixing with infected birds.


    أعلنت وزارة الصحة عن حالتى وفاة جديدتين بفيروس "إيه إتش 1 إن 1" المعروف عالميا بأنفلونزا الخنازير، ليرتفع عدد حالات الوفاة فى مصر منذ ظهور المرض وحتى الآن إلى 267 حالة وفاة.

    وأوضحت وزارة الصحة، فى بيان لها اليوم، أن الحالة رقم 266 لسيدة من محافظة الدقهلية تبلغ من العمر 22 عاما، والحالة رقم 267 لطفلة تبلغ من العمر 10 أشهر من محافظة بنى سويف.

    كما أعلنت وزارة الصحة اليوم عن إصابة جديدة بمرض أنفلونزا الطيور، لتصل حالات الإصابة البشرية إلى 98 حالة.

    وأوضح بيان لوزارة الصحة أن الإصابة الجديدة لرجل من أشمون في محافظة المنوفية يبلغ من العمر 32 عاما، تم دخوله المستشفى وإعطاؤه عقار التاميفلو .. مشيرا إلى أن إصابته جاءت نتيجة مخالطته لطيور مصابة.

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    Re: Egypt - New Case H5N1 Monofia Province - #98

    the moh updated its site today. they added seven new suspects but the positive total case number remained the same at (97). from the last public report of 2/7/2010.

    from the last report three new supect cases have been added to the governorate # 19 Monufia Governorate (Arabic: المنوفية)
    here are the current satistics based on the last report. 708 total suspect cases since 2006, one death reported for the governorate nothing is listed under recovered. they could be included in the cairo governorate like the last three cases 95,96,97 all of which are from other governorates.

    one death has been added to the Cairo numbers which now stands at 16 for the Cairo governorate. 51 cases have recovered and two remain undergoing treatment in the hospital. the total suspect cases for the governorate of Cairo stands at 1,289
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      Egypt - "Health" Reports another H5N1 Death.

      Egypt is reporting another death due to h5n1 which is contained in the official report that was made public today by the ministry of health and planning. It currently reflects a total of twenty nine deaths from the h5n1 virus.

      it now looks like the last three cases were transported to Cairo and all were being treated in the Cairo governorate. where two cases are still shown as undergoing treatment.

      I can't define which specific case number has expired form the reported information.

      the total positive case number remains unchanged at 97 confirmed positive.

      seven new suspect cases were added today which brings the total suspects number to 11,439 since 2006

      Click image for larger version

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        Re: Egypt - "Health" Reports another H5N1 Death.

        It was case number ninety seven based on this bit below from commonground.

        which indicates case ninety five and ninety six are both still in the hospital in cairo.

        they make it hard to follow buy moving the cases around during treatment.


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          Re: Egypt - New Case H5N1 Monofia Province - #98

          They just released another report today,this one is for through the 12th of February.Case number ninety eight remains un-listed.

          it adds only six new suspect cases from five governorates which brings the total to 11,445


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            Re: Egypt - New Case H5N1 Monofia Province - #98

            I merged the 2 thread referring to case number 98.

            Thank you Twall and Commonground for all the work.


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              Re: Egypt - New Case H5N1 Monofia Province - #98

              New cases of bird flu Menoufia
              Saturday, February 13th, 2010 - 22:22

              Caption: Increasing numbers of people suffering from bird flu

              Dr Atta, Hisham Youssef, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Menoufia, Hit Ayman Abdel Hadi Abu Bakr (32 years), Agricultural Engineer Agricultural Management Ashmoon bird flu after confirming that samples taken from him and be positive was mentioned income Echmoun Fever Hospital on suspicion of being infected with swine flu and after sampling for analysis labs Central Ministry of Health and cons, which proved to be positive for the pigs and birds.

              On the other hand moved the bodies concerned to the said house, wearing protective clothing have been executed 7 birds at home, and cleaned and houses next to it.

              On the other hand confirmed the samples from each of the expectations other than Abdul-Rauf (50 years) Administrative comb primary school Kafr Samir Ramadan housewife (24 years) without action from the village of Kafr comb Menof detainees and Fever Hospital Menouf positive for swine flu after confirming that samples for analysis taken of them positive.



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                Re: Egypt - New Case H5N1 Monofia Province - #98

                so, am I correct in assuming this was his profession?

                "Agricultural Engineer Agricultural Management Ashmoon"


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                  Re: Egypt - New Case H5N1 Monofia Province - #98

                  yes thats correct


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                    Re: Egypt - New Case H5N1 Monofia Province - #98

                    and the arabic states he does not have swine flu


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                      Re: Egypt - New Case H5N1 Monofia Province - #98

                      Thanks Twall. Can you just check to see if they are two separate hospitals?
                      Thanks in advance.


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                        Re: Egypt - New Case H5N1 Monofia Province - #98


                        yes two hospitals are mentioned, the link above shows ten for the governorate which are operated by the government.the spelling of the names is off a bit. but you can see they are talking about two hospitals.

                        the job title means very little if any thing at all


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                          Re: Egypt - New Case H5N1 Monofia Province - #98

                          case number ninety eight now shows up on the ministry of health report that is dated for the 13th. this person is also being treated in Cairo at abbassia hospital which happens to be adjacent to the namru operated facility in Cairo.

                          either case number 95 or 96 has recovered.
                          case number 98 has been added to the Cairo governorate but not its count.
                          case number ninety nine the death has been added to the monufia governorate

                          the current numbers for Cairo show a total suspect case number of 1,290 which is un-changed from the report of the 12th. The current death total is 16, total positive cases for Cairo remains at four,the total of recovered cases has increased by one to 52 persons. two remain under going treatment.

                          The governorate # 19 Monufia (Arabic: المنوفية)
                          Has increased the total suspect case number to 713 cases and increase of four.They have increased the total number of positive cases by two to 12. the total death count has increased by one to two. cases recovered remains at zero.

                          the total supect case count number stands at 11,455 ten new suspects were added for the 13th


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                            Re: Egypt - New Case H5N1 Monofia Province - #98

                            Thanks Twall. Are the 11 suspected cases hospitalized?


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                              Re: Egypt - New Case H5N1 Monofia Province - #98

                              all i can tell from the report is the two positive cases are in the hospital, past practice was to quarantine and treat them if any signs of flu were present.currently they sample and treat based only on the persons poultry having symptoms and it includes quarantine of the area and home.