The death of poultry farms Fayoum after the boycott of the people .. Photos

Sunday, May 19, 2019 - 11:43 p

Bird prices of all types continued to rise in Fayoum Governorate, with the exception of urban poultry, whose prices have fallen relatively.

The poultry are sold at 34 pounds per kilo, while the municipal poultry are sold at 37 pounds per kilo, and the Romans are sold at 58 pounds per kilo, while rabbits are sold at 48 pounds per kilo, and the ducks at the price of 58 pounds per kilo.

The increase in poultry prices due to the spread of diseases during the last period and the death of most birds.

Mahmoud Sid, a bird trader in Tamiya, said that the high prices of poultry led to the purchase of meat, which fell to 100 pounds per kilo.

Hanafi Saeed, a bird merchant in the center of Abshway, said that the demand for birds has declined significantly, after the people 's oops from buying, to the current high prices.

Saad Magdy, a bird trader at the Etsa Center, said there was a break in the coming days in bird prices, especially after the sale price of kilo for municipal poultry fell from 45 to 37 pounds per kilo.

For his part, Majdi Taha Jaballah, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Fayoum, said that traders and farm owners were advised to reduce prices in observance of the holy month.