The closure of 15 poultry farms violated the ban on the sale of live birds in the west

02:17 PM | Monday 13 May 2019
Written by: Rafiq Mohammed Nasif

Major General Hisham Al-Said, Governor of Al Gharbia, has closed 15 poultry farms in Al-Santah, Basion, Mahalla Al-Kubra and Tanta centers. This came on the basis of what was presented in the memorandum of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in the West, which shows the lack of cooperation of farm owners with the veterinary medicine sector to tighten control of the sale and circulation of live birds to control avian influenza and prevent the spread through the sampling of poultry before moving live from farms to make sure Safety. The Governor of Al Gharbia also decided to close a dairy products factory in Kafr Salim village in the center of Basion because he did not meet the health requirements. He stressed the importance of farmers' cooperation with the veterinary medicine sector in the governorate to prevent the spread of diseases that affect the health and safety of citizens and maintain the poultry wealth in the province, pointing to the continuation of control campaigns on all sectors to control the offenders and take legal action against them.