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Egypt - Poultry gets bird flu despite vaccination

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  • Egypt - Poultry gets bird flu despite vaccination

    Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 - 17:25

    Warned Dr. Saber Abdel Aziz, director of the Department of Preventive Medicine Authority Veterinary Services Ministry of Agriculture, the risk of neglect and inaction in the immunization of fowl, as well as home, pointing to bird flu was still present, which is reflected in the well, which appear from time to time.

    Mr. Abdul-Aziz said that the committees of the ongoing campaigns in the work of finding the virus, resulting in enabling the execution of thousands of birds on a farm 9 status Talkha Daqahalia proved to be infected with the virus.

    According to a report issued by Dr. Mona Mehrez director of the Institute of Animal Health and the Director of Central Laboratory for the control of poultry production, the farm proved to be infected, although they are immune at the age of 19 weeks.

    Dr. Saber Abdel Aziz, Director of the Department Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine, that the injury to farm the disease may be the result of human error, adding or all currently existing vaccines, the body and the markets are good.

    Mr. Abdul-Aziz said of the vaccination of domestic birds are currently being addressed in a manner to the provinces which show the many spots.