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Governor of Ismailia issues a three-month administrative closure decision for 29 poultry farms across the province to refuse to withdraw samples of the bird flu virus

24 March 2019

Major General Hamdi Osman issued a decree No. 153 of 2019 for the administrative closure for three consecutive months for 29 poultry farms in the area of ​​Abu Suwaier center and city and the center and the city of Qantara Sharq and the center and the city of Qantara west and the center and the city of Ismailia and the center of the city and the big hill for their decisions And regulations governing the sale and sale of live birds and poultry and their refusal to undergo an analysis of avian influenza virus before sale, which is dangerous and requires closure.

The Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in Ismailia has called for the issuance of a decision to close the administrative number of 29 farms of poultry farms and birds in implementation of Law No. 70 of 2009 on the regulation of the circulation and sale of birds and live poultry and offer for sale

The resolution shall be implemented immediately upon its implementation and shall be executed by all concerned in coordination with the Directorate of Security and the concerned authorities