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Egypt - Bird flu deaths in home poultry flocks in Kafr El Sheikh governorate - March 19, 2019

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  • Egypt - Bird flu deaths in home poultry flocks in Kafr El Sheikh governorate - March 19, 2019

    Fear of "bird flu" in Kafr El Sheikh .. «Vet»: We will launch campaigns

    2019 March 19 AM 11:09

    A number of people in Kafr El-Sheikh complained about the deaths of birds who are raising their homes dues only, indicating their infection with bird flu, to avian influenza, urging veterinary officials to launch a renewed campaign to vaccinate birds and animals against the flu. Bahia Ahmed, a member of the center of Baltim, said she was surprised by the death of more than 70 chickens Her illness for hour in addition to the deaths of her neighbor's birds.
    Bahia added that it noticed the presence of blue on the chicken and then turned it into black. After that, the chickens saw a collective death despite injecting them with the necessary medicines, but they died, confirming that they raised the birds to sell in the market and help her husband to spend on her family of 3 children in schools "I bought one of the chickens for 7 pounds because I raise them in my house and sell part of it to spend on my family, but suddenly the chicks showed signs of illness. I went to the veterinary pharmacy to get medicines and inject them, but after hours they died collectively."
    I went on to raise the birds on a roof of my house and I noticed the signs of the disease. Two days later I found a group of them. I isolated the remaining one so that I would not get sick after a specialist in The veterinary pharmacy that they are infected with bird flu, and attributed the reason for the existence of the center of Baltim within the border posts with several provinces.
    For his part, said Dr. Abdel Hakim Abu Ismail, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Veterinary Medicine in Kafr El Sheikh, the campaigns of bird vaccination and treatment continues, as well as the spread of vaccination teams on the ambushes of the border, both birds to the province or livestock, to prevent the transfer of disease from neighboring provinces to the province, A campaign will be directed to the Baltim Center to fortify the birds and make sure there are hot spots.