Governor of the West supports veterinary medicine and closes 11 poultry farm
  • Undersecretary of the Ministry: some of them by bird flu cases .. The other refused to withdraw samples of the analysis
Warnings issued by the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in Gharbia Governorate to owners of poultry farms, the need to abide by the implementation of the law, and the withdrawal of samples of birds, especially poultry, before selling or circulating between the provinces, to ensure that not infected with avian influenza or other diseases, especially In the winter, and with very cold weather, where the "virus" activates during this period of the year.

The farmer's failure to respond to requests for agriculture and veterinary medicine, Major General Hesham al-Said governor of the West to take a decision to close the administrative for 3 months to 11 farms for poultry breeding central Mahalla Al-Kubra and Basion, for violating Law No. 70 of 2009, and Ministerial Resolution No. 941 of 2009 on the process of sale and circulation Live birds. The governor stressed the need for farmers to cooperate with the veterinary sector in the province, to tighten control of the sale and circulation of live birds, and to prevent the spread of avian influenza. For his part, Dr. Hatem Anwar, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Veterinary Medicine, said that the closure was due to non-compliance of farm owners with the regulations and regulations in force, which regulate the sale and circulation of live birds, with the need to withdraw samples from poultry before selling them to ensure that they are not infected with avian flu, He added that the 11 farm, which has been closed perhaps for this reason, some did not comply with the owners of veterinary instructions, and others committed owners to withdraw samples from poultry, and confirmed the result of one of the samples are positive for bird flu. He added d. «Hatem» that is sent samples taken from poultry to a research institute specialized in poultry production, to conduct the necessary analysis on them, and inform us of the result within 24 or 48 hours, appealing to citizens of owners of poultry farms, the need to communicate with the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine and its departments, to prevent any injury Of bird flu from poultry. In the same context, Alaa stressed. P. The owner of a poultry farm that a large proportion of farms are not licensed, because of the lack of conditions for licensing, noting that we are dealing with the veterinary unit in the village, to vaccinate the birds during the period of education, but most of us are not careful to withdraw samples for analysis before the sale, From the presence of infection in one of the samples, as happened, which entails the execution of all existing birds, and therefore heavy losses to the owner of the farm, and no one compensates for such losses, as happened in 2006, where 70% of the owners of farms did not receive any compensation.