«Veterinary Qaliubia» Executes 550 chickens after the emergence of a focus of avian influenza

11 January 2019

The Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in Qalioubiya, headed by Dr. Amal al-Osaily, the execution of 550 chickens after the emergence of a focus of bird flu in the village of Ramleh, the center of the city of Banha.
Amal al-Assaily confirmed that there were complaints to the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in Qaliubiya regarding the presence of cases of bird flu disease in the farm in the village of Ramleh. A campaign was sent from the Directorate to the site and samples of poultry were taken to the farm. The results of the samples were positive. While the campaign cleared and cleaned the perimeter of the focus and give immunizations to poultry farms nearby.
The Director of Veterinary Kaliobia said 8 million birds were vaccinated and confirmed that field visits were made to the villages to raise awareness about the importance of registration, numbering and vaccination against bird flu and foot-and-mouth disease, and to educate the breeders of the disease and its importance and the importance of immunization periodically to avoid infection of animals with the



Discovery of a positive focus of bird flu in the lake

January 15, 2019

The operation room in the province of Beheira announced the discovery of a positive bird flu spot inside the reform village in the Edco center. A committee from the Veterinary Administration of Idco, headed to the village and collected domestic bird samples, was sent to the production control reference laboratory and proved to be positive for avian influenza. For his part, Dr. Hosni Abbasi, director of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine, to take the necessary measures for the execution of infected birds and disposal by health methods, pointing to the clearance of homes and nesting for birds disinfectants necessary and immunization of all birds in the village and villages surrounding the epicenter of the radius of 9 square kilometers.