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Egypt implements 2009 law to require permits to transport poultry - October 10, 2018

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  • Egypt implements 2009 law to require permits to transport poultry - October 10, 2018

    All you want to know about ban live birds in Cairo and Giza

    Posted on: Wednesday 10 October 2018 - 7:38 PM Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 October 2018 - 7:38 PM
    The Egyptian government intends to activate a law regulating the circulation and sale of live poultry, issued in 2009 following the spread of bird flu, and includes banning the slaughter of live birds outside the massacres or transfer without permission from the Department of Veterinary Medicine.
    The government's procedures to enforce the law include the deployment of police ambushes in which veterinarians are present to ensure that there are official permits to transport birds and free of flu.
    In the following presentation, Al-Shorouq answers the most important questions about this law:
    When was the law passed?
    The law was passed in May 2009 following the entry of bird flu to Egypt in 2006 to regulate the circulation of live birds and prevent the spread of the bird flu virus.
    What is the law?
    The law prohibits the slaughter of poultry outside the massacres, or transfer without obtaining permission from the Veterinary Administration after examination and prove the absence of birds from the flu.
    The government's goal of implementing the law?
    The government says the goal is to prevent environmental pollution, spread diseases and get rid of bird flu in Egypt, which can not be achieved with the continued circulation of live birds and transfer to markets without examination and slaughter outside the massacres.
    "The virus dominates the bowels of birds, and when they are slaughtered in shops and cleaned, the guts are given as waste and this helps spread bird flu," said Dr. Mona Mehrez, deputy minister of agriculture for livestock, poultry and fish.
    How will poultry trade if?
    The birds will be transferred from the farms or shops to the official massacres for slaughter and then distributed refrigerated or frozen on the shops to market and sell to citizens.
    What fate of bird shops?
    The sale of live birds is supposed to end, and the government will provide them with soft loans to transfer their activity to poultry shops and frozen meat and buy the necessary refrigerators.
    What areas will the law apply to?
    The law will be applied first to the governorates of Cairo and Giza as the largest provinces consumption of poultry by 30%, will prevent the entry of live birds to them only with the permission of veterinary medicine and massacres only for slaughter, while the law will be applied to the province of Alexandria and provincial capitals in later stages before applying it to full Areas of the Republic.
    What is required to transport birds for producers and farm owners?
    It is prohibited to transport birds without obtaining a permit from the Veterinary Administration after examining a sample of farm birds in the central laboratory, and will be deployed ambushes on the roads, where there are veterinarians to ensure that carriers carry these permits.
    What are the penalties for violators?
    The penalties range from the arrest of the car to the first time, the arrest and closure of the shop the second time, the arrest, the fine and the imprisonment for the third time, said Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Sayed, head of the poultry division of Cairo Chamber of Commerce.
    Article 3 of the law provides that without prejudice to any more severe punishment provided for in any other law, the violator shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of not less than six months and a fine of not less than one thousand pounds and not more than ten thousand pounds or one of the two penalties. In all cases, the judgment of the conviction of the confiscation of the birds and poultry in violation of the account of the Ministry of Agriculture and the closure of the places where the violation was committed for three months, and the closure shall be final in case of return.

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    After days of banning live poultry .. "Supply" raises the price of frozen

    Sunday 14 October 2018 06:40

    Mohamed Magdy and Yasmin Fawaz
    Refat Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade the price of selling frozen poultry weight 1100 grams in consumer complexes by 18.9% to 44 pounds, an increase of 7 pounds at a time.

    This comes a few days after the issuance of a government decision to ban the circulation of live poultry in a number of provinces.

    An official source at the Holding Company for Food Industries, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Supply, commented on the increase in prices: "We are dealing with supply and demand."

    He added that for the "money", the rates of supply of frozen poultry to the outlets of the three consumer complexes Nile, Al Ahram and Alexandria, increased by about 30 tons a day, to be offered to consumers after the ban on the circulation of live birds.

    He said that the decision of the President of the Republic to ban the circulation of live poultry in a number of the provinces of the Republic, will increase the demand of consumers by up to 50%, to buy frozen outlets of consumer complexes.



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      Professor of poultry diseases reveals the causes of death of 50% of poultry last year

      Dr. Hatem Salahuddin, professor of poultry diseases at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, said that Egypt has become a major cause of the increase in poultry prices. He added in a phone call to the program "Everyday" the provision of media Wael El-Abrachi broadcast on the "ONA", that the implementation of the decision to ban the circulation and sale of live poultry in Cairo and Alexandria to protect the health of citizens and the elimination of deadly diseases on farms.
      He explained that the slaughterhouse provides citizens with healthy chickens because it will eliminate the remnants of poultry and examined, stressing that the avian influenza in both species became resident in Egypt, in addition to Newcastle disease and inflammation of the infected people.


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        Remember....the government of Egypt has announced that no people have tested positive for bird flu so far this year. link

        Agriculture: Avian flu has devastated domestic wealth and is working to restore it
        • Mostafa Farraj
        • 2018-10-19 10:07:52

        r. Hamid Abdel-Dayem, spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture, confirmed that bird flu has become an endemic disease since entering Egypt.
        Abdel Dayem said during his meeting with Al-Hayat Al-Youm that the aim of implementing the ban on the sale and sale of live birds is to protect the health of citizens from being infected with avian flu, pointing out that the Ministry of Agriculture paves the way for citizens before the law.
        He added that the country has many viral diseases affecting humans and animals, and the bird flu has forced the country to get rid of the poultry
        wealth with the onset of the disease and destroyed the domestic wealth, and we are working to restore them at the moment.