1600 cases of suspected "bird flu" in 2018 .. And Secretary: No confirmed cases

Written by: Mohamed Magdy

The Ministry of Health and Population (MoH) hospitals are preparing to raise the level of preparedness and surveillance within a month from now, as temperatures begin to decline in anticipation of any cases of "new flu" diseases such as avian flu.

Al-Watan hospitals have suspected a total of more than 1,600 human cases of bird flu since the beginning of this year, according to a report issued by the ministry. Human cases are infected with the virus, until it is quickly controlled before causing complications that may lead to death, but no confirmed cases have been found.

Egypt has not recorded any human cases of bird flu during the year 2018, even today, according to special statements for "home" from Dr. Wajdi Amin, Director of the General Department of Chest Diseases of the Ministry of Health and Population, which confirmed that the cases of suspicion does not mean the presence of infections,

Similar symptoms are to be taken for precautionary measures and detection of these cases, even reassuring that it is not infected with the "virus", to receive the necessary care to be similar to healing.
In 2017, the Ministry of Health recorded only three confirmed cases of "avian influenza," according to Amin, who confirmed that the reduction in the number of cases does not mean stopping all-year surveillance of any new human cases. The director of "Chest Diseases", that the ministry will expand the circle of suspicion of infection with the "new flu" with the beginning of the drop in temperature starting in November, in anticipation of any injuries. Amin says that all supplies for any human infection with avian flu are available at chest diseases hospitals and are ready for any emergencies that may occur in the country.