Tuesday, September 04, 2018 - 02:18 PM
Animal products: 2.2 million daily production of domestic poultry

Engineer Abdel Moneim Khalil, director of the Department of Animal Products, Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, revealed that the volume of poultry production in Egypt reaches about two million and 200 thousand birds per day, which represents self-sufficiency of poultry wealth by 90% and a deficit of 10%.

Khalil said in a statement that the real reasons for the emergence of the deficit is the spread of diseases and epidemics, which is the avian influenza and other diseases that negatively affect the decline in production rates in relative and limited.

He declared that 100% of the production of table eggs is 100% self-sufficient to reach about 12 billion eggs per year.

He said that the poultry wealth of the necessary sectors, which increase the volume of investments by about 60 billion pounds and employs between 3 and 4 million workers.