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Egypt - Independent poultry farmers under economic pressure...bird flu is one reason - June 4, 2018

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  • Egypt - Independent poultry farmers under economic pressure...bird flu is one reason - June 4, 2018

    The poultry market is dying
    The monopolists have ruled over the sector, and the control is absent

    Tarek Al-Deeb and Ahmed Abdul Tawab

    2018 June 04 | PM 3:14

    From the paper version of the new daily newspaper: - Veterinary medicines and fodder controlled by «whales» The Government appeals to the Poultry Federation to establish a rapid marketing company Educators have suffered heavy losses and demand urgent intervention to save them Mehrez: The current poultry market is a failure .. It is necessary to activate the law to prevent the circulation of birds 3 major problems faced by industry 5 million people threatened with unemployment 350 pounds in the price of tons of feed 7400 pounds price of tons «Blackberry» .. Kilo 7 and a half Before the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, the prices of poultry increased significantly, and increased one kilo of chickens by 10 pounds, and became sold in the market prices ranging between 30 to 33 pounds, which raised important questions, especially with the state's tendency to close the door of import due to insufficient supply Of chickens . According to the confirmation of the Poultry Division and the Producers' Union, the market will witness a stable price until the end of Ramadan. However, during this period, large amounts of poultry will be lost for several reasons, the most important of which is poor immunization and high temperatures, as well as the tendency of farmers to close their farms Other profitable . 3 major problems share the crisis faced by the poultry industry in Egypt, comes in the first place the problem of feed, and high price exaggerated, and then weak immunization, whether to lose the effect of vaccines or substances affecting, as well as the decline of the market of veterinary drugs, affected by high prices and weak effect, To the traditional ways to counter heatwaves by splashing the water on the chicken . "There are conditions for biosecurity, which must be followed in farms, which are essential conditions that all breeders are supposed to adhere to and which the General Authority for Veterinary Services has set, so that those who violate them will be subject to fines," said Hamid Abdel Dayem, a spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture. In 80% of the farms, because more than half of the farms are not licensed . Abdel-Dayem points to the existence of a poultry market on the basis of dealing in the market, which determines prices, whether for white poultry, saso or chick, and is supposed to be committed by everyone, whether the trader or jam, but what is happening is that some traders want to make more profits . The greed of traders has led to a great loss of breeders, especially as they bear poultry and pay a lot, in light of high feed prices on the one hand, and on the other the large number of losses due to the high temperature and the consequent death of poultry . Educators are subjected to heavy losses Dr. Abdul Aziz al-Sayed, head of the poultry division of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, said that the chamber expected poultry prices to rise by between 10 and 15 percent, pointing out that prices started to return to normal after the first week of Ramadan . He explained that the "new day", that a kilo of poultry was sold for 20 pounds, and then became sold for 29 pounds, as well as the rise of eggs from 27 pounds to 33 pounds, adding: "No one expected this significant rise in prices of eggs or poultry, but things Is now returning to normal . " He pointed out that the breeders are exposed to heavy losses as a result of the increase in the prices of feed, which amounted to 7400 pounds, while the chickens are sold at 23 pounds per kilo, which means that the jam can not make a profit, but lose every time it is in the production cycle . Al-Sayyid stressed that the consumer and the consumer are the most affected by the rise in prices, while it does not differentiate very much with the wholesalers and retailers, they finally calculate the profit margin and get it, whether prices have risen or decreased, pointing out that prices in general are likely to decline gradually . The head of the poultry division pointed to an important point of interest of the state in the new projects, stressing the importance of the old projects, because they contribute to the production of 1.2 billion chickens annually, and also contribute to filling a very large deficit in this industry, Only, and therefore should pay more attention to the old projects ».

    The poultry sector faces three main problems currently, namely, the problem of fodder, which constitutes 70% of the problems, then the modernization and development of domestic farms, and finally the poor handling of veterinary medicines, leading to the recession of active substances, Poultry diseases, especially bird flu .