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Egypt - Media report: H9 avian flu in Dakhalia governorate kills chickens on poultry farm in Mit Ghamr - December 31, 2017

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  • Egypt - Media report: H9 avian flu in Dakhalia governorate kills chickens on poultry farm in Mit Ghamr - December 31, 2017

    The emergence of a new generation of bird flu in Dakahlia .. Experts blame "agriculture"

    The emergence of a new generation of bird flu in Dakahlia .. Experts blame "agriculture"
    A poultry farm was completely destroyed in the center of Mit Ghamr in Dakahlia, after it was attacked by a new generation of avian influenza virus first appeared in Egypt, and ordered the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine to execute the farm farms in full, and cleanse and bury the dead poultry in a healthy manner.
    Majid Atman, the owner of the farm and a member of the General Union of Poultry Producers, said the farm had 17,500 white and municipal chickens. Once the mortality rate was high, the ministry was informed immediately. After the results of the analysis and the dissection of the dead poultry, This crisis since 2006, and repeated with us every winter, and I bring the Ministry of Agriculture what we have reached. "
    He added: "We buy a corrupt or adulterated drug or a factory under the ladder of peace, there is no control over veterinary medicines, and most of the fortifications are corrupt in transportation due to the dependence of the state on imports from abroad, Zero, and any improper transfer to corrupt them, and the same thing happens every year until new generations have emerged that have not been produced before. "
    Dr. Abdel Moneim El-Menji, director of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine, visited the farm today after the results of the samples and ordered the execution of the rest of the farm, after the emergence of the virus "H9" in the farm, a new virus.
    Abdul Khalek Nuweihi, president of the Association of Poultry Producers, said that the farm showed five types of viruses, all of which joined the killing of one chicken, the viruses "H8, H5, H9, New Castle and IB", in addition to the suspicion of the emergence of "H5" Virus is very dangerous, it is the first time it appears in Egypt and a new generation was recorded on the land of Egypt.
    Al-Nuwaihi said that the two most dangerous sites in Egypt were recorded: Al-Santah in Al Gharbia and Mit Ghamr in Dakahlia. "This is what we have been warning for a long time. We have to produce vaccines in Egypt. We do not import them until generations New ones, we are the only country in the world that is still settled by avian influenza. "
    Dr. Ihab al-Bendari, a veterinarian, confirmed that avian influenza attacked the farms during this period in a fierce manner, causing high mortality rates, which reached more than 60% of some farms, under the abandonment of veterinary medicine for his role, leaving it to companies and traders.
    Dr. Sami Taha, the former veterinarian's captain, quickly demanded the implementation of Resolution 1373 of 2014, which was issued to protect the livestock of the owner and the motherland. It also called for early warning of the epidemiological point of view to regulate biosecurity standards and to maintain a healthy animal product and respect the law of practicing the profession.

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    Veterinary Medicine? Exterminate a poultry farm after the discovery of a focus of bird flu

    Books: Saleh Ramadan

    Of the paper version

    Number: 2072

    All numbers

    Death of poultry farm Dakahlia because of bird flu

    The Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in Dakahlia ordered the execution of 17 thousand and 500 chickens in a poultry farm in the city of Met Ghamr yesterday, after discovering new strains of bird flu, and decided to clean the farm and bury the dead poultry in a healthy way to ensure the outbreak of the virus, Al-Munaji, director of veterinary medicine in Dakahlia, said that ?the analysis of farm samples revealed the infection of birds with a new type of virus?.
    "This farm showed five types of viruses that united to kill one chicken, the H8, H5 and H9 strains, as well as New Castle and IB, and the suspicion of the emergence of H5, which made the situation very dangerous, because it first appeared in Egypt new Atara ?.

    ?Almnji?: a new virus hit the farm .. And the most dangerous foci in ?Al-Santah and Mitt Immersion?

    He added: ?Currently registered the most serious bird flu cases in Egypt, the cities of Al-Santah in Gharbiya, and Mtm flooded Dakahlia, which we warned him a lot in the past, when we demanded the need to produce veterinary drugs for local strains, and stop importing drugs for strains not found in Egypt, having become the only country in the world to be settled by the virus ?. For his part, said Majid Atman, owner of the farm, and a member of the General Union of poultry producers: ?Immediately after the death of large numbers of poultry in the farm informed the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine, and showed the results of analysis to benefit the existence of the new mast, before ordering the execution of the herd in full?, adding: There is no control over veterinary medicines, which makes us buy rotten, counterfeit or manufactured drugs under the stairwell. "
    He pointed out that ?most of the fortifications spoil during transport, as a result of the dependence of the State on imports from abroad, these fortifications must be kept at a temperature of 22 below zero, and any improper transfer to make them corrupt, and does not play a role in vaccinating poultry, and the same thing every year , Which eventually led to the emergence of new strains ?. Dr. Sami Taha, the former captain of veterinarians, called for the speedy implementation of Resolution No. 1373 of 2014 on the protection of livestock and the activation of early warning of epidemic sites.

    أمرت مديرية الطب البيطرى فى الدقهلية بإعدام 17 ألفاً و500 دجاجة داخل مزرعة دواجن فى مدينة ميت غمر، أمس، بعد اكتشاف إصابتها بعترات جديدة من مرض إنفلونزا الطيور،


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      On the Veterinary Medicine of Dakhalia Directorate facebook page:

      30 December 2017
      .................................................. The Department of the Great Sahragt
      headed today Dr. Abdul Moneim Al-Mangi Undersecretary of the Ministry - Director of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine Yaldkhalih accompanied by Dr. Mr. Hassanein Metwally Director General of massacres and public health d. Mohamed El Sayed Bashar, Director General of Prevention and Wad Awad Ahmed Awad Director of Extension Department to the farm affected by the village of Mitt Abu Khaled was waiting for them d. Abdul Wahab Mohammed, Director of the Department of the major and Dr. Randa Salah, head of Extension Department and Dr. Ashour Fahmy, head of the Department of Health and Dr. Adel Shafiq and Dean Hanan, It was found that the farm did not follow - and did not have any of the biosecurity factors and then was directed to the Great Saharjat disaster management was coordinated and quickly take appropriate action

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        Egypt slaughters 17.5K poultry after bird flu outbreak reported

        By: Egypt Today staff Sun, Dec. 31, 2017

        CAIRO ? 31 December 2017: Egypt has slaughtered more than 17,500 poultry in a farm where bird flu cases were reported in the Dakahlia governorate (Delta), said Head of Veterinary Medicine Directorate, Abdel Moneim Al Mongy, on Saturday.

        After taking samples from infected poultry, vets buried the dead and slaughtered poultry to control the spread of viruses, Mongy added in remarks to Al-Watan newspaper.

        Dakahlia?s Mit Ghamr and Gharbyia?s Santa cities were ranked as the most dangerous places, as they have the virus, he continued.

        During the veterinary inspection, the vets reported new H5N2, H8N2, H9N2 and IB strains. The fact that these strains are appearing for the first time in Egypt has made the situation all the more serious.
        Veterinary Medicines exterminates poultry farm in the Dakahlia Governorate after poultry bird flu outbreak was reported, Head of Veterinary Medicine Directorate said.
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