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Egypt - Bird flu? found in poultry farms in Habil, Luxor governorate - January 27, 2017

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  • Egypt - Bird flu? found in poultry farms in Habil, Luxor governorate - January 27, 2017

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    Veterinary Luxor: We discovered bifocal disease "bird flu" Balhabayl blindness

    Friday, January 27, 2017 8:00
    [COLOR=#666666 !important]Immunization of cattle - file photo

    Luxor - Ahmed Marei

    Disclosed Dr. Mohammed Yusuf, director of Veterinary Medicine Luxor province, that the Directorate has managed to confront and eliminate bifocal disease "bird flu" in the regions of blindness and Habil, were culling sick and action campaigns to immunize the rest of birds and poultry is infected with the disease.

    The Director of the Department of Veterinary Medicine in Luxor, especially for the "seventh day" remarks, that a number of owners of poultry farms reported the suspicion of cases and they want to be tested, I moved immediately a campaign of the Directorate for the site farms in Habil blindness, were monitored bifocal infected with the deadly bird flu, were executed infected cases and other cases of vaccinated poultry and birds.

    Dr. Mohammed Yousef explained that with the onset of winter the men of Veterinary Medicine intensive campaigns to immunize all the birds in various parts of the province doses protects those diseases, but there are a number of farms does not continue rotating appear to have those injuries in the case, stressing that the rates of infection with avian influenza for this the public is least compared to previous years.

    Veterinary Medicine Director, said that the administration is on a systematic plan which seeks to provide all Alqahat awareness of bird breeders in various parts of the province, as well as do a number of actions to address those serious on the poultry industry viruses, stressing Veterinary Medicine warehouses containing large amounts of Alqahat to protect poultry preservation of HIV infection.