Agriculture is facing a new avian influenza virus and the active investigation and survey with 16 .. province veterinary services: the withdrawal of 460 sample for h5n8 confirm they are free of "strain .. and Preventive Medicine: A 11 examination h5n1's been confirmed 162 of them focus

Wednesday, December 21, 2016 8:00

He wrote Izz Nubian

Continues the General Authority for Veterinary Services, represented by the Central Administration of Preventive Medicine at the Ministry of Agriculture to declare a state of emergency in all governorates of the Republic, the active Investigation to combat bird flu , especially that the virus is active in winter, as well as to identify the new virus h5n8 who appeared in many of the states Investigation and continuing sampling birds in home education , which lies in the path of migratory birds to make sure positive disease .

Dr. Tarek Zakaria , Director General of the active of inquiry the central administration of Preventive Medicine of the General Authority forVeterinary Services , Ministry of Agriculture, said in a statement for " The Seventh Day", the hydrocele of Preventive Medicine in continuing with its plan to counter the anti - bird flu and the new virus H5n8 , Active Investigation in 16 provinces, including active of inquiry disease h5n1 in 8 provinces, "Cairo, Giza and the East, Minya, Assiut and Fayoum Qalubia" Ismailia, in addition to the active of inquiry in eight provinces home for Education in migratory bird path to identify the new virus , including "Alexandria , Aswan, Damietta, Port Said and Kafr El - Sheikh, Fayoum and Dakahlia and East" .

Tariq Zakaria confirmed that the latest report on the hotbeds of infection with bird flu, demonstrates the pull of 11 thousand specimen samples from markets and farms have been confirmed, including 162 focus, in 20 counties since the first of January until now, has control of all of them by teams active of inquiry "Alkaho" , including 85 domestic breeding, and 21 in the farms, and 56 markets, in addition to the withdrawal of samples of the new virus has reached so far 460 samples of the new virus in eight counties in home education in migratory bird path and did not prove any positive any of the samples "of the new strain.
He explained the active of inquiry manager, continued taking all actions when received any complaints about the appearance of any cases of bird flu and other diseases that could see active may affect poultry, and through the Directorates of Veterinary Medicine in the provinces, and the presence of coordination between the central laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture and districts, to set up committees to investigate the farms or areas that may spread the disease especially dense poultry farming areas .
As Veterinary Services report revealed that of Preventive Medicine Authority has developed a number of measures to counter the disease bird flu, including programs fact, the healthy and proper dealing with the outposts, and follow the safety of bio - farms and Immunization, and the formation of a difference health to deal with proper spots discovered the disease, and the formation of a core group and a team reserve all veterinary management for 256 management in 23 Directorate of Veterinary represent districts that already theappearance of the injury, and the training of each member of the team in the program to ensure the safe disposal of the birds and Sblh, and the implementation of the of inquiry Alabedemeulojy procedures, and do outreach to citizens in the focus range, and program Biosafety farms follow .
The report also said that among the rapid precautionary measures to contain the disease and the response to eliminate any focus infected with the disease, are in quarantine on the affected farm, and safe disposal of infected and dead birds, and disinfect and clean the nests infected poultry farms, and communication with the public and theowners of farms and guide them about the disease, and Investigation focus on the farms of 3 to 5 kilometers, in the affected village for 21 days, and immunization for free for the birds home education, and villages around the infected focus up to 9 km .
As well as the withdrawal of periodic samples from all farms nationwide system active of inquiry commercial farms of all types ofbirds , "chickens, ducks, turkeys and quail" to be tested and the work of tracking gene in the National Laboratory for control of poultry production, to find out first hand on epidemiological and pathological condition of the virus and the work of the relay gene of the virus, conducting immunization Free bird flu and farm - bred chickens or ducks farmyard until the age of 30 or 40 days, and then sell it to thepeople to complete the breeding and production cycle of the first two doses at the age of 7 to 10 days and other booster after the first ofabout 21 days .
The report pointed out that it had been controls rural breeding birds to prevent the spread of avian flu situation, and include controls that will be adopted under the amendments to the circulation of live birds Prohibition Act, are breeding in a healthy and far nestling on thewhereabouts of the family gathering, or so - called distant places for education living quarters, Veterinary and supervise full of these nests, immediate reporting when you see any symptoms of illness or death of abnormal, and summary executions of birds suspected of being infected with the health and burial, cleansing and lack of education in these places only after the passage of at least a month from the last date of the injury to the birds and the permission of the Directorate ofVeterinary Medicine .
The report went on , it is for the new strain of bird flu H5N8 even though it's not the seriousness of the strain H5N1 does not pose a risk to human, the continued intensification of immunization in commercial farms and nurseries birds, and take all the bio - safety of all poultry farms actions at the level of the Republic, and to continue sampling the governorates on the path of migratory birds .
The report emphasized the activation plan of inquiry wild birds and migratory home nearby and birds, as well as markets in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment and the provision to provide Almchksat and determine the whereabouts of migratory birds in thegovernorates to step plan investigation and follow - up and reporting immediate financial support, to address all the provinces to activate the Law No. 70 of 2009 (on trading regulation birds and live poultry and offered for sale, and the continuation of the comprehensive outreach plan especially for housewives through various media, management services and counseling Authority in conjunction with the existing guidance departments in the governorates .
Activating cooperation between the Commission and the faculties ofVeterinary Medicine and Research Protocol animal and the General Union of Poultry Producers Health, that the Union is providing support through the farms and distribute the statement, instant communications of cases of illness, and financial support for the fees necessary cost of screening against pathogens, to notify theCommission the results of the work of epidemiological map in theprovinces .
The report emphasized the continued moratorium on the importation of birds and offal from countries that announced the presence of avian influenza or countries which declares that allow the import of "chicks" day old virus, in countries or free of bird flu different Baatarath areas, in application of the Constitution of the World Health Health Organization for Animal OIE , and the requirements of the veterinary services , quarantine and laboratory tests set out in this regard