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Egypt,Governor of the lake closure of all poultry farms within the residential blocks.

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  • Egypt,Governor of the lake closure of all poultry farms within the residential blocks.

    Granting returning from the hajj 8 days compulsory leave the lake
    Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 - 08:53

    Major General Mohammed Sharawi, Governor of the lake
    Lake Mohammed Ebiary

    Major General Mohammed Sharawi decided - the Governor of the lake - to give all workers employed by governmental agencies returning from the Hajj, mandatory paid leave for 8 days of arrival, before returning to work with the medical examination in case of a suspicion or any symptoms of swine flu.

    He also stressed that no negligence in following up the implementation of all decisions and actions that have been taken to address the avian flu, swine flu, especially with regard to closure of all poultry farms within the residential blocks in the cities of the governorate and cut off electricity and water them, given the gravity of large public health while allowing for farms that want to change of activity for any other activity not inconsistent with the requirements of environmental assessments.

    This came during the presidency of the Meeting of Sharawi the Supreme Committee for Avian Influenza and the presence of heads of local units and directors of directorates of health and veterinary medicine, agriculture, education, education, environment, security and social solidarity.

    Sharawi and decided to ban the transfer of poultry and live birds within the province and neighboring provinces with the intensification of traffic controls at all entry points and ways of preserving and not be lax in the collection of fines imposed and identified two thousand pounds on each farm sells its production without a medical examination and disclosure by, 500 pounds on each vehicle carrying birds live without access to a statement from the veterinary medicine and 300 pounds on each place that sells live birds and the work of finding active within the villages and rural areas to continue education at home.

    He also stressed the need for hospitals Sharawi notification of cases of suspicion on which you receive and deal with very seriously by medical groups that have been trained to deal with such situations and ensure the discharge of each hospital at the county level to 200 mailbox and 20 bottles of Tamiflu, in addition to 3 thousand holder with the work report of the quantities that have been saved, the inventory of real estate and health units mandated to maintain traffic centers on the role of incubators for social solidarity, and disclosure to children, and monitoring of all suspected cases and the closure of any nursery is not available with the prescribed requirements.