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Egypt - Veterinary Services explains efforts to control avian flu with the onset of winter - November 20, 2016 H5N1? H5N8?

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  • Egypt - Veterinary Services explains efforts to control avian flu with the onset of winter - November 20, 2016 H5N1? H5N8?

    There are no more Ministry of Agriculture monthly reports appearing in the media that give the count of "foci" (outbreaks) of avian flu in poultry. The government is controlling the media 100%. Publishing negative news is punishable as a crime against the government.

    All we have are pseudo announcements like this one about the avian flu prevention efforts. Apparently avian flu is a major threat but there is no data to quantify the problem.

    We can only guess.....


    Agriculture vaccinated 32 million birds to cope with bird flu in October

    Sunday, November 20, 2016 12:28

    Revealed the latest report from the Central Administration of Preventive Medicine of the General Authority for Veterinary Services, Ministry of Agriculture vaccinated 32 million birds to cope with avian Taiol during the month.
    The report pointed out that poultry immunization campaigns against epidemic diseases during the month of October shows immunization (1,751,945), a bird, and with regard to the fight against bird flu was extracted number (2697) Authorization for the transfer (2,885,581) bird among the provinces, and the number of farms that have been inspected for licensing (2678 ) farm, and the number of domestic birds which have been vaccinated against bird flu (1511279) bird.
    Said Dr. Abraham guarded Chairman of the General Authority for Veterinary Services, in a statement for the "seventh day," It was all necessary precautionary measures to take to prevent the spread of bird flu virus with the onset of winter within the framework of the Commission's plan to combat the disease and minimize the negative effects on poultry and citizens where epidemiological surveillance of the disease in all provinces and take the highest degree of caution and follow-up and monitor the epidemiological situation of the disease first hand.
    As the report of the body revealed veterinary services through the Central Department for Preventive Medicine, the implementation of the strategy to combat bird flu, which aims to limit the spread of the disease through the procedures epidemiological study active, who are in all governorates of the Republic, and in the sale of bird markets, according to reports and suspicions, where they are to take all necessary measures to get rid of the health of infected birds, and take follow-up field central committees of the Veterinary Services.
    Report that all the preventive measures that are in the penalty healthy and disposal of poultry destitute and disinfection of farms, equipment and work extention awareness campaigns take and explained in order to tighten control of the disease, the Commission shall issue security certificates bio-farms that do not ensure compliance with the terms of biosecurity.
    He said the Veterinary Services report, that payment is B420 medical teams to villages and hamlets in various provinces under the name of the team (Alkaho) for the inclusion of any new sites infected in various provinces against the disease, and the back of the disease to human behavior in the countryside to contact with birds although special risks that home education reaches epidemic diseases to more than 25% of the size of the breeding birds throughout the republic, pointing out that the Commission is working to raise awareness among bird breeders to intensify private guideway campaigns with the onset of winter.