discovery of bird flu in Qalyoubia

October 8, 2016

Dr. Mr. Awad, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Veterinary Medicine Qalyoubia, it has been vaccinated 114 thousand head of cattle and sheep vaccinated with foot and mouth disease, fever wad Rift at the county level, by setting up committees guiding inside the villages; to raise awareness of immunization against the disease and deal with it, to keep the livestock which is estimated b 326 thousand head in the governorate.
He noted the deputy minister - said in a statement on Saturday - to the continuation of immunization campaigns domestic poultry against bird flu and to educate housewives disease, adding that he had been vaccinated 900 thousand domestic birds against the disease, and the discovery of seven injuries markets birds were cleansing around under the supervision of the entire veterinary, pointing out that the Directorate will oversee and follow-up of poultry farms on the county level, and to deal with any reports of cases of deaths to prevent the spread of any disease.
He added that the directorate is to launch campaigns to butcher shops and the sale of meat in conjunction with the Investigation of Supply and resulted in campaigns in the seizure of 186 tons of various meat of unknown origin, and fish and poultry expired, were seized on the seizures, and
the liberalization of the necessary records of offenders.