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Egypt - Deterioration of poultry industry due to bird flu, dollar exchange rate, lack of vaccines - October 6, 2016 H5N1?

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  • Egypt - Deterioration of poultry industry due to bird flu, dollar exchange rate, lack of vaccines - October 6, 2016 H5N1?

    October 6, 2016 Marketing manager of the company's ?bourse?: the
    high cost of imports by 40% after the increase in the dollar exchange rate of
    endemic diseases and the weakness of the vaccines the most important reasons for thedeterioration of the poultry industry

    Target Kohah company grandparents poultry, produce 450 thousand or poultry during the current year , compared to 600 thousand in 2015 a decline of 25%.
    The company is targeting to increase poultry production breeders during 2016, but was unable to import the ancestors of the adequacy of this year 's target to achieve.
    Hussein said Charge , marketing director at ?Kohah?: the drop in production this year was the result of lower imports of the company's grandparents poultry to introduce some updates on thestrain ?Star Wilde? French in the process of education. He
    added that the company imports two types of grandparents all French poultry, a total of 21 thousand birds annually, of which 10 thousand Jeddah-type ?Hubbard Star Wilde?, and 11 thousand of the type ?Hubbard Reed Pro?. He
    explained that the company this year has imported a herd one of the last dynasty, by 11 thousand Jeddah, and postponed the import herd second for the month of November until thecompletion of the new updates of the company. He
    pointed out that the cost of imports of the company this year rose by the same percentage thedollar rise in the black market, which depend upon operating companies in the market to provide hard currency.
    imported ancestors prices hit about $ 40 per Jeddah this year, compared to $ 38 for Jeddah last year.
    he said ?Charge?: the high cost of imports grandparents poultry, due to the crisis of the dollar suffered by the domestic market in the recent period, after the devaluation of the pound against the dollar.
    he continued: ?not the central bank 's ability to control the foreign currency exchange market has increased the situation difficulty after the bank 's failure to provide the necessary dollars to import grandparents poultry. ? He
    added that the companies have come to rely on the black market to meet the dollar needs, and thus became her ability to control the price according to the theory of supply and demand.
    the increased foreign currency exchange rates on the black market in the recent period to reach dollar to 13.65 pounds compared to its stability at 8.85 pounds in the banks.
    clearer ?Charge?, that the cost of poultry production increased in the recent period by between 25 and 30%. He
    noted that 70% of the poultry industry requirements are imported, including the feed needed for the process of education, a the most important element in the production, since it depends on thesoybean and maize as an essential factor.
    ranged soybean prices between 5250 and 5500 pounds per ton, and maize prices rose to 2,700 pounds a tonne.
    the arrival that endemic poultry disease in Egypt, due to the failure to eliminate the flu virus bird final since 2006, which led to a waste of a large proportion of poultry ranging between 30 and 35 percent of the annual production.
    rose unit epidemics last year in an accompanying sector of higher dollar prices, and the inability to be supplied to import vaccines necessary to address the disease, which weakens the local market all provided, what the latest increase in the numbers of dead.
    It produces the local market about 15% of the necessary vaccines for the treatment sector diseases, and imports 85%, which makes the provision of hard currency is necessary for theindustry.
    The student arrival, providing hard currency to meet the needs of the industry of feed and medicines, even reduced the cost of production, which contributes to the stability of small -farm conditions, which is the largest in the system aggrieved. He
    explained that small farms account for about 70 percent of the annual production of poultry, andcommercial companies representing the remainder, so you must pay attention to and overcome the obstacles faced by the deterioration of the situation more than that.
    and called for a tribunal to livestock development plan in Egypt to preserve it, pointing out that the problems facing the industry has become difficult not borne by educators, what causes the exit of a large proportion of them , especially in winter times due to the worsening energy crisis.
    He added that the winter season , would require volumes large gas to provide heating for poultry, but educators are facing many problems in the provision of gas and resort to the black market , which is governed by the merchants, and buy gas at double the price.

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