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Egypt - MoA plan to "combat" avian flu - September 21, 2016 H5N1?

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  • Egypt - MoA plan to "combat" avian flu - September 21, 2016 H5N1?

    griculture" take 13 action to combat avian influenza virus to know her ..

    Wednesday, September 21, 2016 3:00
    [COLOR=#666666 !important]Bird flu - file photo

    He wrote Izz Nubian

    Published for " The Seventh Day", a number of proactive preventive measures taken by the Central Department for Preventive Medicine, asubsidiary of the General Authority for Veterinary Services , Ministry ofAgriculture, to combat bird flu provinces of the republic to promote the wealth of poultry , which, especially with winter approaching ,which activates the virus .

    1. epidemiological study of active bird flu measures governorates of the Republic .
    2. active in the sale of inquiry bird markets, the lack of any epidemic diseases leak, whether coming from abroad or the settlement.
    3. periodically vaccinated birds and domestic markets selling birds and nurseries campaigns .
    4. conducting immunization cyclic around the well, and fortify thesurrounding villages around the affected village in the range of 9 km diameter circle .
    5. penalty healthy and get rid of the impoverished poultry and disinfection of farms and equipment .
    6-work guidelines awareness campaigns in order to tighten control over the disease .
    7-issuing body bio - safety certificates to farms that are sure to conform to the terms of bio - security .
    8-trained work teams in all governorates of the Republic Center, a rapid response teams to deal with all the affected spots .
    9. healthy safe disposal of dead and destitute by burning or burial ofbirds .
    10 - application of washing and purification procedures infected site .
    11. demonstration held seminars infected village and the surrounding villages to educate citizens about the prevention of the disease .
    12. raise the efficiency of the vaccine used in the fight against infectious diseases updates the calibration programs for vaccines, especially flu vaccine, and evaluation at the Institute for control of biologicals choosing new strains of modern isolates .
    13. Choose the appropriate vaccines and vaccines to prevent efficient ,Ltd. of the Egyptian market .