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Egypt - 1037 suspected human bird flu cases since November 2015 - May 28, 2016 H5N1? H9N2?

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  • Egypt - 1037 suspected human bird flu cases since November 2015 - May 28, 2016 H5N1? H9N2?

    Only 6 H5N1 cases confirmed. link

    Only 1 H9N2 case confirmed. link

    Bird flu .. headache at the top of "health" and warnings to poultry farmers

    Saturday, May 28 2016 16:31 Basma Abdul Mohsen

    Poultry vaccination against bird flu

    "Egypt has no epidemic outbreak of the avian influenza virus," .. this was a reassuring message that as long as echoed by the Ministry of Health after the emergence of any new cases of the virus, the ministry confirmed to take all preventive measures to fight it and prevent it.

    Injuring a man with the virus in Dakahlia

    On 4 May, the Ministry of Health and Population has announced the latest confirmed cases of bird flu to a man at the age of fifty years of Dakahlia and is still under treatment in hospital issued Mansoura.

    The establishment of a bird flu vaccine factory
    Recently, the Ministry of Health and Population has announced access to the Saudi Development Fund supported project approval for bird flu vaccines to be established industrial complex VACSERA 6th of October City in the amount of $ 4.5 million, through a grant provided by the Egyptian government.

    For poultry farmers .. Beware!
    Calls upon the Ministry of Health and Population citizens who deal with poultry immediately go to the nearest hospital for medical service in the event of the appearance of symptoms of influenza them as to receive the injured to the drug Tamiflu within the first 24 hours of the onset of symptoms increases the cure rates of the disease and reduce mortality rates.

    And advises the Ministry of Health of citizens who deal with poultry exercise Alhdhiroalehith when dealing with birds, especially that shows the symptoms and the need to take precautions to prevent infection such as covering the mouth and nose when dealing with poultry, wash your hands with soap and water after handling birds and not to take children to places of breeding birds or slaughter, as well as the need to separate the birds from the living quarters.

    For his part, called the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr. Khalid Mujahid, citizens to follow proper sanitary practices in the prevention of disease in the case of the onset of symptoms is to consult a doctor or go to the nearest hospital.

    The difference between influenza and the common cold
    Dr. Mohamed Awad Tag Eddin, Minister of Health and former Professor of Chest Diseases, said that the flu is a viral infectious disease, and there is a difference between influenza and the common cold as the cold symptoms are simple and his district only the nose, while the symptoms of influenza Vtkon entire body with high temperature and respiratory upper and lower, The most serious complications of influenza is pneumonia.

    Most avian influenza categories
    He explained that the more groups the seriousness of their children less than 5 years, people, seniors over 65 and people with chest allergic diseases, pregnant women and women who breastfeed, and the chronically ill with heart, kidney and sugar, and they have a weak immune system, such as cases of organ transplantation.

    He advised Tajuddin most susceptible to infection with the flu virus cases in receiving the vaccination every year for cases with weak immune mentioned above, and wash their hands constantly, good ventilation, and to consult a doctor in cases of higher temperatures.

    Plan "health" to cope with bird flu
    Dr. Amr Qandil, head of the Preventive Medicine Sector at the Ministry of Health and Population, said that he had been suspected in the wounding of about 1037 case of bird flu since November 2015 yet.

    He stressed that the ministry monitors and monitor influenza activity and spread in the cases and follow-up types of viruses that appear in the laboratory results and follow-up genetic evolution and its response to treatment as part of the system covering all parts of the republic.

    The ministry reviewed the actions taken in this regard and is providing special treatment drug (Tamiflu and Altamenal), all affiliated to the Ministry of Health hospitals and university hospitals, in addition to the presence of a strategic stockpile of the drug.

    The plan included the revitalization of surveillance for influenza and pneumonia in all hospitals in all provinces on a daily basis to assess the epidemiological situation and careful supervision on an ongoing basis to viruses prevailing mainstream manuals Al all directorates of health affairs in the governorates, as well as all of the ministry, universities, and private sector entities.

    And it included the issuance and dissemination of periodic reports with influenza on the website of the Ministry of Health, and the follow-up contacts of confirmed cases, and support such as providing surveillance laboratory reagents, supplies, and personnel training laboratories at the provincial level on ways to withdraw and save and transfer the necessary samples.

    And focused on the risk assessment in conjunction with experts from viruses sections and epidemiology health and livestock sector, it has also been held nine workshops to train 530 doctors from doctors in intensive care and reception, chest and inner and children and it subsidiaries and is affiliated to the Ministry of Health hospitals.

    He pointed to the expansion of raising awareness for doctors and hospitals health insurance institution therapeutic and public administration institutions therapeutic non-governmental and University Hospitals Department, as well as ensuring the availability of all anti-infection and the application of infection control procedures in all hospitals supplies.

    There will be coordination with external parties to follow the global epidemiological situation and look at the recommendations of the World Health Organization in this respect, coordination with the reference laboratories of the World Health Organization to monitor the genetic characteristics of the flu.

    This comes in addition to raising awareness through the dissemination and distribution of health messages about how transmission of the disease and how to prevent it, the continuation of the hotline (105) to respond to the queries of citizens with regard to the flu, broadcast mentions a television broadcast to raise awareness of the citizen, and the publication of a manual dealing and actions to be taken with cases of influenza infections and acute respiratory infections.