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Egypt - Avian Flu detected in 2 markets in Minya - H5 and H9

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  • Egypt - Avian Flu detected in 2 markets in Minya - H5 and H9

    The appearance of the injury to my focus «bird flu» in two markets in Minya

    dec 15, 2015

    Dr. Amal Abdel Fattah, Director General of Veterinary Medicine and queens, monitor my focus infected with bird flu , in the two markets, one Alqayat market Adwa Center, and the second Alhassaabh market Dermwas Center, confirmed that he had been cleared markets, and the envelope and take samples from the neighboring houses, to make sure no spread of the disease neighboring markets areas

    Fattah said that samples were taken from two markets, and tests revealed the Central Veterinary Authority Dokki in Cairo, Alqayat enemy Market Center H9 infection exposure, and market Alhassaabh Dermwas Centre disease h5, which is the most injury and rapid
    Veterinary Medicine, and the environment, and local units, carried out decontamination, and disposal of health seizures burials, clearing markets limestone, and sterilization of the neighboring houses, to prevent the extension of the disease.

    She stressed that there is coordination, with health and the environment and local units, to monitor and follow up the appearance of any cases of either poultry or human being.
    أعلنت الدكتورة أمل عبدالفتاح، مدير عام الطب البيطري بالمنيا، رصد بؤرتي إصابة بمرض أنفلونزا الطيور، داخل سوقين أحدهما سوق القايات بمركز العدوة، والثاني سوق الحسايبة بمركز ديرمواس، مؤكدة أنه تم تطهير السوقين، ومحيطهما وأخذ عينات من المنازل المجاورة، للتأكد
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