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Egypt - Health official: New H5N1 bird flu death in Fayoum governorate - February 25, 2015

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  • Egypt - Health official: New H5N1 bird flu death in Fayoum governorate - February 25, 2015

    Home Local News Third death infected with bird flu case in Fayoum
    Wednesday, February 25, 2015 - 14:06 Bird flu Fayoum - Rabab Galy

    She died the third day infected with bird flu in Fayoum Governorate case after the death of two cases riddled with the disease last week. was Hamada. T. M 37 years of Etsa trapped hospital chest Fayoum after suspicion of doctors being infected with bird flu, was taking a swab and sent for analysis labs, the central Ministry of Health and proven test results positive for his illness and when his condition worsened it was converted to a hospital diets, including the hospital Fayoum year to work telescope, but his condition worsened dramatically and enter the isolation hospital intensive care but was pronounced dead and died.

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    As to the 2 previous deaths in Fayoum governorate mentioned above - one is probably a previously announced death:

    57) Egypt - Female, 22, died, Fayoum Death

    And the other might be:

    65) Egypt - Male, 34, hospitalized, Fayoum
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    Egypt: Man Dies of Bird Flu - Report

    Cairo ? A 37-year old man died in the governorate of Fayoum after being diagnosed with H5N1 bird flu, the state news agency MENA reported on Wednesday.
    A Health Ministry official told MENA the man was admitted into the intensive care, where he died.
    The virus has killed over a dozen this year alone, according to Health Ministry figures.
    Since it first surfaced in Egypt in 2006, cases of H5N1 have been largely concentrated in rural areas, where proximity and interaction with poultry increases.
    The World Health Organisation warned that there is a risk of human infection when the virus is circulating in poultry, especially to those in infected environments.
    The death toll from the virus reached


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      Confirmed by officials in this article and described as "continued spread". I am adding this deceased patient as a new case on the list.

      The death of a young b ?bird flu? in Fayoum and two of the eastern region .. and awareness campaign in Minya

      9 hours ago | wrote: Said Nafi , Teresa Kamal , Mohammad Farghaly , Walid Saleh

      Dr. Adel Adawi, Minister of Health conference to announce the treatment C virus

      The continued spread of the bird flu virus in the provinces, In Fayoum, died of his injuries a young bird flu, yesterday, was detained Sadr Hospital, a sample was taken from him and proved the central Ministry of Health laboratories analyzes positive bird flu.

      Dr. Azzouz Mansour, director of Fayoum General Hospital, the young man called ?Hussam.r.m?, 37, of Etsa center, had been detained Hospital chest, and when his condition worsened it was converted to a hospital diets, and from the hospital Fayoum year to work telescope but his condition worsened dramatically and enter the isolation of intensive care at the hospital, but he died.

      In the East, said Dr. Khaled Fawzi, director of the Department of Preventive Medicine Department of Health to maintain, that the cases of people infected with bird flu rose to 11 infection and 9 cases out of them, while two cases were booked in Zagazig fever hospital for treatment. ?Fawzi? He stressed that the cases hostages held year-old child and 9 months of Kafr el-Minya orgasm in wheat, and the second case of a young man ?26 years? of Kafr Zagazig Maritime, samples were withdrawn from contacts to ensure that HIV-positive.

      He added that the total cases since the beginning of the year and so far reached 11, while 122 were suspected in another case, after careful observation of the room during the monitoring directorate.

      In Minya, Amira Abdel Fattah, director general of the Department of Women's Affairs General Diwan of the province, said that the administration began to implement educate rural women's campaign, ranchers about birds, FMD flu over 3 weeks, in collaboration with the departments of Veterinary Medicine, Health and endowments.She added that the campaign include public meetings to number 43 unit village along meetings include symptoms in poultry as a result of HIV infection, the symptoms that appear on the human patient and methods of prevention, treatment and prevention of immune and remedial actions in addition to handling of the religious side of the importance of personal hygiene and environmental conservation.

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